Day 1 Highlights – Sintra Portugal Pro 2021

SINTRA PRO 2021 DAY 1 dropknee

Day 1 was all about the Dropknee division, four rounds were contested whilst a few of the first Open division heats took place too

Sammy Morretino dominated his heats posting the highest total score of the day, 15.26 during his heat in the third round. Sammy appears to be on track to claim his fourth world drop knee title. However Amaury Lavernhe came out the gates blazing through his heats. Iain Campbell was on fire too, and made everything look effortless. David Hubbard and Kawika Rohr-Kamai showed their dominance throughout their heats too.

At this early stage, it really looks like it’s defending dropknee world champion, Sammy Morretino’s, contest to loose. And he’s fired up.

“It’s good to be back after a two year hiatus because of the COVID situation. I love coming to Portugal and specially to Praia Grande. I won my world title here and it has a special place in my heart. Besides I’m feeling confident because I have a little advantage for having already competed this year in Kauai”, said Morretino.

Contestants will meet at 7:30am on Day 2 and a call will be made on the next steps of the contest. Either Dropknee Round 5 or the Mens Open Round 2.

Highlights from Day 1