Day 3 Highlights – Sintra Portugal Pro 2021

Yet another challenging day for competitors in this years Sintra Portugal Pro event. Before the tide got too high and the heats called off, we were able to see Mens Open Round 4, Womans first round and the drop knee quarter final heats.

In the mens open division, Ricardo Rosmaninhor along with Pierre Louis Costes, Tristan Roberts, Gabriel Braga, Hawaiian Dave Hubbard, Anas Haddar, Brahim Iddouch and Yazdanny Castro were amongst the riders who moved into the top 24 of the event. Getting through their round 4 heats, these riders have ensured a place in Round 6 whilst riders like Sammy Morretino, Fabien Thazar, Ilias Ousmouh, Daniel Fonseca, Joel Rodrigues, Lionel Medina, Miguel Ferreira and Rodrigo Lopes will be fighting for a 2nd chance in their round 5 heats.

“I really missed competing and I was very happy to see the guys on the international circuit again, but even a little nervous because I haven’t competed for so long, but we all feel that, and now I feel lighter. Essentially, it’s nice to see everything back to normal. It seems that starting in September we will have two world competitions plus the National. For the rest, I have been surfing here during the summer but the sea is very different today and this championship is very difficult because this beach is very unpredictable and it is a championship with many surprises and a victory here is very prestigious.”


Day 3 also say the first of the womans heats, with Filipa Broeiro and Soukaina Aghouali winning their respective heats.

With the 2021 World Dropknee title on the line, the quarter finals provided a chance for the Hawaiians to assert their dominance on the event, so much so that a Hawaiian will be walking away with the title.

Current DK world champion Sammy Morretino took down Iain Campbell, Kellen Yamasaki beat Amaury Lavernhe, Dave Hubbard defeated Fabien Thazar and Kamika Rohr Kamai knocked out Hugo Hernandez.

Highlights from Day 3