TAND Invitational 2022 presented by Handpicked
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TAND Invitational 2022 presented by Handpicked

July 22, 2022 to
August 14, 2022
Venue: Tand, South Africa

The word ‘Tand’ means ‘tooth’ in the local Afrikaans language. We’ll give you a guess at why it was given this name.

The Tand Invitational is an annual Bodyboarding event, which showcases high performance, extreme bodyboarding action on the West Coast of Cape Town at one of South Africa’s heaviest reef breaks.

With a 4 week waiting period, the 2022 waiting period runs from 22 July – 16 August .

The event aims to run to completion within five hours on the best possible day with the best possible waves and conditions during the waiting period.

The Tand Invitational 2012 saw the introduction of a trial event prior to the main event window period. The David Lilienfeld Trials, in rememberence of our fellow waterman, opens up this prestigious event to anyone wanting to have an opportunity to compete for the sought after title of being the Tand Champion. All the finalists are guaranteed a spot in the Tand Invitational where they will compete against 12 carefully selected contestants.

There are 16 spots available for competitors in the main event. These spots will be filled by the 4 trial finalists, 4 of the best locals, the previous years’ Tand Invitational finalists, with the last 4 being decided on a wildcard basis.


  • Iain Campbell
  • Jared Houston
  • Aden Kleve
  • Allan Horton
  • Alex Nutt
  • Hankus Loubser
  • Sacha Specker
  • Ismaeel Grant
  • Wesley Coetzee
  • Benjy Oliver (1st Place Trials)
  • Marc Webster (2nd Place Trials)
  • Attie Van Heerden
  • Johan De Goede

… still 3 riders to be confirmed and announced.


  • Hand Picked Bodyboards
  • Red Bull
  • Mstar Bodyboarding
  • Boardhub
  • Jackery
  • Urban Hippy Apparel
  • Skullcandy
  • Kifflab
  • Smit Steenwerke
  • Ryan Boon Meats

Highlights from the 2021 event