Projects / Amaury Academy

Projects / Amaury Academy

From IBC, we want to further showcase projects that contribute to the growth and development of our sport in one way or another. Projects that are already in operation or those that are planned to be carried out. In this way, we aim to acknowledge the work and dedication of certain individuals, groups, or entities for their significant contributions to the world of bodyboarding. To kick off this section, we have decided to highlight the project of one of the individuals who works tirelessly to professionalize this sport, to create new talent, and undoubtedly serves as a role model both on and off the water. It could only be Amaury Lavernhe, who through his project is professionalizing bodyboarding from the grassroots level, conducting various clinics around the world. From IBC World Tour, we present to you:


I created Amaury Academy in 2015, an original concept of « mobile » bodyboarding courses for riders at all levels.
Anywhere in the world, a bodyboarding school, a shop or a club will ask me to come for a bodyboarding clinic.
The courses are for beginners, confirmed riders, amateur competitors, young or adults.
I design tailor-made initiation or improvement courses to meet demands accurately.

Through my Academy, I would like to share my experience and knowledge about bodyboarding as a sport and as a lifestyle.
My customs courses are adapted to any level of riders.
I will help you to progress in terms of technical trainingphysical and mental preparation,
nutrition and how to compete at your best !

There have been many clinics that Amaury Academy has carried out around the world. Step by step this rider instills the true values of the sport through professionalism, dedication and passion for this more tan modality, lifestyle.

Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Senegal, Portugal, Reunion Island and Puerto Rico among others, have been able to enjoy the knowledge of this great master of the art of bodyboarding.

In addition to all of these options, Amaury is developing online tutorials where he shares his knowledge from his home to anywhere on the planet.

You can find all the information at: