2022 IBC World Tour schedule announced

2022 IBC World Tour schedule announced

The International Bodyboarding Corporation is proud to release it’s events schedule for 2022. With 15 contests lined up across 10 countries, the 2022 tour promises to offer athletes all over the world the best possible chances of ensuring they can gather as many points in their respective divisions in the pursuit of a World Champion title.

2022 will see 6 IBC World Champion bodyboarders crowned and a total of $537 000 (USD) in prize money awarded. This will be across the following divisions: 

  • Men (8 events)
  • Woman (6 events)
  • Junior Men (10 events)
  • Junior Woman (10 events)
  • Dropknee (3 events)
  • Masters Woman (1 event) 

The criteria to crown World Champions for both Men and Women’s division is as follows:

  • Top 4 results to produce a final points total.

Junior men world champion: 

  • Best single result along with their points earned at the Gran Canaria Fronton King event.

Junior women world champion: 

  • Best single result along with their points earned at either Sintra Pro or France Pro (this is still to be confirmed).

Dropknee world champion: 

  • Best single result along with their points earned at Sintra Pro.

Masters Woman world champion: 

  • This will be determined by a single event, Wahine Bodyboard Pro in Brazil.

As there has not been any official tour points gathered across the Men and Women’s divisions since the end of the 2019 World Tour season, going into the 2022 tour, riders will retain their original rankings in both divisions. Both Junior Men and Dropknee athletes will use rankings from the events that took place in 2021, namely Sintra Pro and Gran Canaria Fronton King. All 2022 rankings will be available on the ibcworldtour.com website and will provide a running scoreboard throughout the year.

The 2022 IBC World Bodyboarding Tour officially gets under way at the Lurin Pro, Peru, on 11 March. This event is focused on the future of bodyboarding and features both junior men and junior women divisions. The first event to host the highly competitive men’s division takes place on 29 April at the Arica Cultura Bodyboard contest in Chile whilst the Women’s world title race gets started at the Iquique Pro event a few weeks later. Dropknee riders will be able to earn their first points at the Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival. 

The tour events take place in Peru, Chile, Brazil, Hawaii, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Portugal, France and Spain (Canary Islands).

The 2022 IBC events schedule also features two special events, the TAND Invitational in South Africa and the Annaelle Challenge in France.

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