Erizos Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2022 – day 2 – HIGHLIGHTS

Erizos Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2022 – day 2 – HIGHLIGHTS

The second day of competition at the Erizo Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2022 was intense, with a sunny day, but with few waves. For the same reason, the second round of the men’s series could not be held and was scheduled for tomorrow. At 07:30 hours was the check-in of the riders who took full advantage of the first hours of the day where the waves in La Punta 2 allowed them to make their best presentations.

Eight heats for men, four for women and four for juniors were completed anyway on the second day where the national participation was the majority.

One of the best Chilean riders of the day in the category of honor was Gonzalo Gil who with a score of 14.00 won heat 4 and after coming out of the sea he stated that “I took very good advantage of the waves that I managed to catch. You had to be very selective due to the conditions.” In women, the Portuguese Teresa Padrela was the most outstanding with 12.00 points and after advancing to the fourth round she pointed out that “I felt comfortable in the sea. The waves were fantastic and I hope to go as far as possible in the tournament”.

While the national representative Begoña Martínez, who also advanced to the fourth round, indicated that “the waves of Punta 2 are always wonderful and we were able to take full advantage of them during the competition. I am happy with the result.”

The second day of competition began with the junior category where the national representatives were the main protagonists. One of the best of the day was Darío Gutiérrez, who in heat 4 obtained a score of 12.63 and indicated that “I am enjoying the competition to the fullest. It’s a great experience for me and I want to win the tournament.”

The third day of the Erizos Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2022 will continue this Tuesday from 06:30 a.m. where better wave conditions are expected and thus, the day will fully develop in its three categories: men, women and junior.

Men qualifiers

Heat 1
Raimundo Quintana (CHI) 13.40
Jaime Herrera (CHI) 12.05

Heat 2
Patricio Galay (ARG) 13.85
Víctor López (CHI) 11.00

Heat 3
Reinaldo Weiyrin (CHI) 9.90
Lucas Garcez (CHI) 8.35

Heat 4
Gonzalo Gil (CHI) 14.00
Diego Elizondo (CHI) 9.00

Heat 5
Benjamín Ayala (CHI) 12.85
Mirco Pardo (CHI) 12.25

Heat 6
Matías Peña (CHI) 9.15
Vicente Soto (CHI) 9.15

Heat 7
Pedro Nieto (CHI) 13.65
Omar Ríos (CHI) 11.25

Heat 8
Agustín Figueroa (CHI) 13.75
Víctor González (CHI) 8.70

Woman qualifiers

Heat 1
Francis Aoto (BRA) 10.05
Begoña Martínez (CHI) 8.83

Heat 2
Teresa Padrela (POR) 12.00
Maylla Venturinn (BRA) 9.00

Heat 3
Maira Viana (BRA) 13.65
Nicolle Calheiros (BRA) 10.00

Heat 4
Luna Hardmann (BRA) 11.75
Daniella Caqueo (CHI) 8.60

Junior men qualifiers

Heat 1
Josias Foronda (CHI) 11.43
Matías Trento (CHI) 8.07

Heat 2
Lucas Coellar (CHI) 5.94
Bastías Morales (CHI) 4.67

Heat 3
Mikel Arriagada (CHI) 10.38
Tomás Caro (CHI) 5.75

Heat 4
Darío Gutiérrez (CHI) 12.63
Ian Iturra (CHI) 6.93

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