Erizos Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2022 – day 4 – HIGHLIGHTS

Erizos Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2022 – day 4 – HIGHLIGHTS

The fourth day of the Erizos Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2022 was full of surprises and emotions. One of the most experienced and favourites to win the tournament, Hawaiian Mike Stewart was eliminated in the fourth round and two Chilean riders took over the day at Bellavista beach where they took full advantage of the waves at La Punta 2.

At 07:00 sharp, the activity began in the sea of ​​Iquique where the surprises arrived early in the men’s category. This, because in heat 8 of the fourth round, Stewart was surprisingly eliminated by finishing last. The nine-time world bodyboard champion failed to perform in La Punta 2 and said goodbye to the competition early.

The surprises continued in round 6 where two Chileans were the protagonists. In the first heat, Alan Muñoz achieved the first 10 (maximum score a rider can receive in a maneuver) and won his series.

“I am very happy with the wave I took. I waited for her and I was lucky enough to be a priority and I performed two magnificent maneuvers that the judges and the people who were present liked,” said Muñoz after achieving the perfect score.

The other joy was the work of local credit Gonzalo Gil. The national rider won heat four of the sixth round with a score of 14.25, leaving the current world champion, South African Tristán Roberts, in second place.

“Being from Iquique helped me a lot, since I know the wave well and knowing that I won the heat where Roberts was was a double joy for me, since I come to enjoy the event”, expressed an emotional Gil after his heat.

The extensive day where in men three rounds with 18 men’s heats were played, also had six junior heats and two women’s heats.

The Erizos Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2022, which has almost USD 70 thousand to distribute in prizes, is organized by the Iquique Municipal Sports Corporation.


Men – Round 7 Men

Heat 1
Alan Muñoz (CHI) 15.75
Cristopher Bayona (PER) 14.30

Heat 2
Uri Valadao (BRA) 18.00
Nelson Flores (CHI) 15-25

Heat 3
Gabriel Braga (BRA) 13.75
Joaquín Soto (CHI) 12.50

Heat 4
Gonzalo Gil (CHI) 14.25
Tristan Roberts (SUD) 13.50

Heat 5
Pierre Louis Costes (BRA) 15.50
Maikol Pascal (CHI) 15.15

Heat 6
Cristián Tapia (CHI) 14.50
Iain Campbell (SUD) 12.55

Heat 7
Lionel Medina (CYI) 15.65
Sammy Morrentino (HAW) 15.50

Heat 8
Joao Zik (BRA) 15.90
Yoshua Toledo (CHI) 13.65

Women – Round 6

Heat 1
Maylla Venturin (BRA) 12.15
Joana Schenker (POR) 10.65

Heat 2
Neymara Carvalho (BRA) 12.00
Maira Viana (BRA) 11.00

Junior men – Round 6

Heat 1
Misael Cesario (BRA) 12.25
Matías Trenfo (CHI) 10.00

Heat 2
Daniel Flores (CHI) 11.90
Tomás Caro (CHI) 11.25

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All photos by Cristóbal Sciaraffia