Erizos Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2022 – day 5 – HIGHLIGHTS

Erizos Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2022 – day 5 – HIGHLIGHTS

The Erizos Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2022 experienced an exciting fifth day where the riders left everything in the waves of La Punta 2 on Bellavista beach where the great protagonist was Joaquín Soto, from Iquique, who won his heat against the current world champion South African Tristan Roberts.
The one trained in the free municipal workshop of the discipline in the commune won series 4 where he competed against the local Gonzalo Gil and the South African, current bodyboard monarch with a score of 15.85 after performing extraordinary maneuvers on the La Punta 2 wave.

Once his participation was over, Soto acknowledged that he “was nervous. He knew that there was Gonzalo Gil and Tristán (Roberts) who had made the best scores and he knew that it would be a difficult heat. I entered the water to look for the best waves and I got very good scores and that made me happy.”

Another of the outstanding riders of the day was Alan Muñoz, who won the first heat of round eight with a score of 17.65 and after coming out of the Iquique waves, he stated that “it was a very demanding round with two good competitors. I had to give my best and I’m happy to move on, as I want to reach the top”.

While in women the current champion, the Japanese Ayaka Suzuki follows steadily her passage through Iquique and qualified for the quarterfinals. The only Chilean still in competition in the category is Paloma Freyggang who finished second in her heat.

The competition will continue this Friday with the round of 16 in the men’s open category and with the women’s and junior quarterfinals.

The Erizos Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2022, which has almost USD 70 thousand to distribute in prizes, is organized by the Iquique Municipal Sports Corporation.


Men’s Round 9 Qualifiers

Heat 1
• Alan Munoz (CHI) 17.65
• Diego Sepulveda (CHI) 14.55

Heat 2
• Uri Valadao (BRA) 17.25
• Maxime Castillo (FRA) 12.90

Heat 3
• Gabriel Braga (BRA) 14.00
• Jeff Hubbard (HAW) 13.40

Heat 4
• Joaquin Soto (CHI) 15.85
• Tristan Roberts (SUD) 15.00

Heat 5
• Dudu Pedra (BRA) 13.45
• Pierre Louis Costes (FRA) 13.40

Heat 6
• Iain Campbell (LDS) 12.50
• Cristian Tapia (CHI) 11.85

Heat 7
• Tanner MacDaniel /USA) 13.10
• Lionel Medina (CYI) 12.55

Heat 8
• Yoshua Toledo (CHI) 14.50
• Joao Zik (BRA)13.75

Women quarterfinal qualifiers

Heat 1
• Isabela Sousa (BRA) 15.90
• Sari Ohara (JAP) 11.90

Heat 2
• Joana Schenker (BY) 12.25
• Pigeon Freyggang (CHI) 9.25

Heat 3
• Ayaka Suzuki (JAP) 12.75
• Neymara Carvalho (BRA) 12.40

Heat 4
• Alexandra Rinder (CYI) 14.50
• Maira Viana (BRA) 12.35

Junior men quarterfinal qualifiers

Heat 1
• Ivo Alvarado (CHI) 12.25
• Misael Cesario (BRA) 11.85

Heat 2
• Joel Rodrigues (POR) 17.25
• Fabio Saavedra (PER) 14.50

Heat 3
• Benjamin Fuentes (CHI) 9.10
• Daniel Flores (CHI) 8.30

Heat 4
• Maycol Yancce (CHI) 15.75
• Tomas Caro (CHI) 12.65

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All photos by Cristóbal Sciaraffia