Men and Junior Men 2022 title race is on

Men and Junior Men 2022 title race is on

With the final event of the IBC World Tour, Gran Canaria Fronton King, starting on the 15th of October only two divisions remain without a 2022 Champion, Men and Junior Men.

2022 Men World Champion Title Race

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There are three riders in contention for the 2022 title, Tristan Roberts (10215pts), Tanner McDaniel (9705pts) and Alan Munoz (9115pts). This year, any one of the three contenders will very much need to add a second tour event to their collection in order to secure the 2022 World Title. Below is each riders path and what needs to happen…


Out the three riders, Alan has the most demanding of scenarios in order to claim the 2022 title. Alan has to win the upcoming Fronton King event to have any chance of achieving the World number 1 spot. Should he win the Fronton event, with Tanner and Tristan both not making the final, Alan will top the 2022 leader board with a total of 10285pts.

Top 2022 results (based on points):

  • 1st Itacoatiara Bodyboard Pro – 3000pts
  • 2nd Sintra Pro – 2150pts
  • 5th Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival – 2135pts
  • 5th Arica Cultura Bodyboard – 1830pts


Currently ranked 2nd with 9705pts, Tanner McDaniel will need to find himself in the final of the Fronton King contest, exiting the event any earlier will see his chance of becoming the 2022 world champion evaporate. In the final, if it is against Alan Munoz, he doesn’t need to win, just making the final will see him lift the 2022 title trophy. However, if it is a Tristan v Tanner final, he will have to beat the current number one to claim his first World Tour title and his first Fronton King win.

Top 2022 results (based on points):

  • 1st Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival – 3500pts
  • 3rd Arica Cultura Bodyboard – 2190pts
  • 3rd Itacoatiara Bodyboard Pro – 2190pts
  • 3rd Visit Maldives Pro – 1825pts


Should either Tanner or Alan exit the contest ahead of Tristan, he will retain his World Title, adding his 2nd Tour title to his trophy cabinet. However much like Tanner’s situation, Tristan has to beat Tanner should the two meet each other in the final. As the current tour leader, his current points tally ensures that his path to being the 2022 World Champion is the easiest of the three contenders.

Top 2022 results (based on points):

  • 1st Erizos Iquique Bodyboard Pro2500pts
  • 2nd Itacoatiara Bodyboard Pro2580pts
  • 2nd Arica Cultura Bodyboard – 2580pts
  • 3rd Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival – 2555pts

2022 Junior Men World Champion Title Race

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The phrase, “it is anybody’s game” rings true for the Junior Men, but no doubt there are a few serious contenders to watch out for. The Junior Men division takes the riders best result from events throughout the year and combines it with their result at the Fronton King contest. And as it currently stands, 18 young riders have a chance to claim the title with the final event offering the winner 2250 points!

1st Ranked (2000pts)

  • Joel Rodrigues
  • Maycol Yanccee
  • Gabriel Molina
  • Paulo Gallati
  • Jorge Hernandez

Any of these riders have the best chance of claiming the title by finishing higher than their opponents but needs to ensure they place higher than any of the 3rd ranked riders.

3rd Ranked (1720 pts)

  • Fabio Saavedra
  • Nicolas Espinoza
  • Guilherme Montenegro
  • Aamin Moosa
  • Jose Augusto Junior

The 3rd ranked riders have to beat their opponents and any riders currently ranked 1st.

5th Ranked (1720 pts)

  • Daniel Flores
  • Ivo Alvarado
  • Nahuel Benavides
  • Mizael Cesário
  • Benjamin Fuentes
  • Shimal Shameen
  • Jareesh Jihad
  • Gabriel Mendoza

Although 5th ranked riders do have chance, it will depend on whether 3rd and 1st ranked riders make it passed the repercharge rounds.

What we do know is that every single Junior Men heat will be going down like a final – it is anybody’s game, and we will keep viewers updated on the situation as it happens live from Gran Canaria Fronton King which start 15 October.