Visit Maldives Pro 2022 – Day 1 – HIGHLIGHTS

Visit Maldives Pro 2022 – Day 1 – HIGHLIGHTS

Favourites deliver on the first day of “Visit Maldives Pro 2022”

TOP 3 Single wave scores

  • MEN – Tanner McDnaiel 8.75 (Heat 5)
  • DROPKNEE – David Hubbard 8.25 (Heat 1)
  • MEN – David Hubbard 7.90 (Heat 8)

TOP 3 Total heat scores

  • MEN – Tanner McDnaiel 15.50 (Heat 5)
  • MEN – David Hubbard 15.15 (Heat 8)
  • DROPKNEE – David Hubbard 15.00 (Heat 1)

The tournament kicked off early in the morning with the men’s open heats. Tristan Roberts and Tanner McDaniel showed good performances as they secured the highest scores in their heats. Tristan scored 10.4 in his heat against Ali Javed and Ahmed Nazemeen of Maldives. Javid scored 8.3 while the latter had a score of 8.0.

Tanner had the highest score among the eight heats that were held today with 15.50 points. He scored a whopping 8.75 points in a single wave during his heat against Ali Khusruwan and Mohamed Wiam of Maldives.

Two-time world champion Amaury Lavernhe made a strong start to the tournament while scoring 11.00 in his heat against Aamin Moosa of Maldives and Nick Enstrom from South Africa.  Former champion Pierre Louis Costes won his heat with a score of of 13.5.

Sham Rafiu from Maldives made a historic start by winning his heat with a score of 13.00 against Frenchman Fabien Thazar and South African Robert Berman. Sham won the heat by only 0.25 points.

In heat 8, David Hubbard scored an impressive 14.35 points against Iyan Mohamed and Mohamed Reeshan of Maldives. This was the second highest score across all the heats. Brahim Iddouch from Morocco won the seventh heat with 12.5 points and Frenchman Yann Salaun won his heat with an impressive score of 13.00.

In the women’s open category highest ranked athletes delivered impressive performances. World number 1 Sari Ohhara won her heat against Brazilian Maira Viana and Teresa Miranda. 2nd Seed Neymara Cavalho won her heat with a score of 8.25 against Valentina Diaz and Maylla Venturin.

Four times world champion Isabel Sousa scored 10.75 to win her heat against Portugal’s Teresa Padrela and Madalena Valeiro. Joana Schenker won her heat with a score of 11.5.

The drop-knee event was highly competitive as we saw a great duel with experienced Amaury lavernhe and local champion Ali Khusruwan (Kuda Ayya). The latter led for the majority of the head but the Frenchman came out on top with 9.75. Kuda Ayya managed a decent 9.45. Mohamed wiam in last place scored 3.45 in the heat.

David Hubbard, the leading man dominated the first heat by scoring 15 points. Shimal Shameem scored second with 6.75.

Fabien Thazar secured a win with a 13.25 point with Costos scoring 6.65 and Vasquez coming third with 5.25 points.

The two rounds of Pro-junior category also finished during the first day. Gabriel Molina impressed the crowd by winning the second heat with 12.75 points. Jareesh Jihad scored 11.25 and Mohamed Kaif got third place with 10.65. Kaif kept his semifinal hopes alive by winning second in the following heat. Ibrahim Athoof led the first heat competing against his fellow Maldivians.

Words by Saaif Siyad