Visit Maldives Pro 2022 – Day 2 – HIGHLIGHTS

Visit Maldives Pro 2022 – Day 2 – HIGHLIGHTS

Day 2 of action wraps up in Visit Maldives Pro 2022

The second round heats in men’s open finished in day 2 along with a single heat of women’s open. The judges decided on postponing the remaining heats as wave conditions were unfavourable.

In the second round it was Frenchman Irwin Cloarec who scored the highest poins. He scored 13.00 in his heat against South African Nick Enstrom who managed 5.5 points. Irwin scored a daily record of 7.75 in a single wave during the heat.

Local Champion Ali Khusruwan (Kuda Ayya) scored 7.00 in a single wave on his way to winning the heat by 12.25 against Dawood Fazeeh. In an all Maldivian first heat Aswan Ahmed won with 7.00 points agains Aamin Moosa who managed 6.50 points.

Fabian Thazar scored 12.00 to win his heat against Ahmed Nazmeen who scored 8.50 points. Inash Naeem exited the competition after being placed last in the heat.

Ali Jawid (Jaatte) from Maldives won his heat with just 0.2 points against Robert Berman from South Africa. Jaatte managed 9.1 points against Robert’s 8.9 points.

Gabriel Molina won his heat against Mohamed Wiam from Maldives with a score of 8.75. Armide Soliveres won his heat with a score of 12.25 against the 13 year old Iyan Ahmed, who is the youngest participant in the tournament. Mohamed Reeshan also won his heat with a score of 8.05 against Israel’s Haim Vaturi who scored 6.75.

The only women’s open heat that was carried out was contested among Luna Hardman from Brazil and Madalena Valerio of Portugal. Luna scored 12.9 againt Madalena’s 10.40 to win the heat.

Words by Saaif Siyad


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