Visit Maldives Pro 2022 – Day 3 – HIGHLIGHTS

Visit Maldives Pro 2022 – Day 3 – HIGHLIGHTS

Local Hero Kuda Ayya shows his class on day 3 of Visit Maldives Pro 2022

The atmosphere was buzzing as reigning local champion Ali Khusruwan (Kuda Ayya) scored an amazing 15.55 points against the world number 2 Tanner McDaniel, who managed to score 13.30 points. Kuda Ayya advanced to the fourth round with this impressive score.

In the other heats, Brahim Iddouch scored a record high 16.25 on his way to the fourth round against Aswan Ahmed of Maldives. Brahim scored a record 9.00 on a single wave during the heat.

The number one ranked Tristan Roberts won his heat with 12.65 points against Ali Javid of Maldives. Two time champion Amaury Lavernhe won his heat with a score of 13.00. 13-year-old youngster from Maldives Eyan Ahmed came 2nd in this heat and qualified for 4th round of the competition by knocking out South African Nick Enstrom.

Former Champion Pierre Lousi Costes advanced to the fourth round with an impressive score of 13.40. Fabian Thazer, Robert Barman also won their heats while Yann Salaun and Gabriel Molina also advanced. The last spots in the fourth round were secured by David Hubbard and Armide Soliveres.

The quarter final ties of women’s open have been set after the third round heats. Alexandar Rinder scored a tournament high 16.65 points to win the first round against Joana Schenker and Luna Hardman. The latter exits the competition after finishing last in the heat.

Number one ranke Sari Ohhara and four time champion Isabel Sousa also secured their spots in the quarter finals after competitive heats. Chile’s Begona Martinez, Portugal’s Teresa Padrela and Teresa Miranda from Canary Islands failed to progress to the next round.

Furthermore, semi finalists of the junior open has also been decided. Shimal Shameem and Aamin Moosa to compete in the first semi while Gabriel Molina Jareesh Jihad will battle it out in the second semi final.

Words by Saaif Siyad


Gallery by Pablo Jiménez