Walker Bay Pro 2022 – Day 3 – HIGHLIGHTS

Walker Bay Pro 2022 – Day 3 – HIGHLIGHTS

Third day of competition at the Walker Bay Pro promised to be a very important as it had the potential to crown the 2022 IBC Women’s World Champion – for the first time ever on African soil. The 4 contenders, Isabela Sousa, Alex Rinder, Neymara and Sari Ohara were all in the running.

Athletes were treated to epic 3-4ft waves at Onrus Beach with a fun bowl offering lots of scoring potential. First up were the women.

Alexandra Rinder got off to a slow start in her heat but eventually started building her scores up with clean and technical riding all the way to the beach.

Isabela Sousa, who also had a slow heat at the start of the day, got two technical waves to the beach to get the highest Women’s total heat score advancing through to the semi finals and keeping her world title hopes alive.

Former South African Champion Pamela Bowren came up against current World Champion, Sari Ohhara. Pamela executed some big rolls on the outside and connected to the shore break on most of her rides making things difficult for Sari. Pamela took the heat win and ended Sari’s hopes of retaining her World Championship Title.

Neymara Carvalho kept her World Title hopes high when she narrowly beat Joanna Schenker. It all came down to Neymara’s last wave and her experience paid off.

The men’s quarter finals saw Jeff Hubbard take down fellow Hawaiian, Patrick Orr whilst Tristan Roberts continued his dominance by knocking out local Luke Bruton.

Chilean, Alan Munoz, got the highest total heat score heat total with some classy riding and in the process knocked out former South African Champion, Alex nutt. Iain Campbell beat local junior rider, Hugo Naude to advance through to the semi-finals.

Juniors riders finished off the day with Hugo Naude, Brayden Hewitt, Aaron Gimpel and Janco van Noordwyck all moving through to the next round.

Final day of competition is set to resume either Friday, Saturday or on the final day of the event holding period, Sunday. Next check in will be announced as soon as possible.

Words by Angelo Ackerman


  • Men: Alan Munoz – 7.15
  • Women : isabela Sousa and Pamela Bowren – 7.00
  • Juniors: Hugo Naude and Brayden Hewitt – 6.00


  • Men: Alan Munoz – 14:15
  • Women: isabela Sousa – 13:00
  • Juniors: Hugo Naude – 11.25

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