ArcelorMittal Wahine Bodyboarding Pro had a Sunday filled with excitement, featuring a category for People with Disabilities.

ArcelorMittal Wahine Bodyboarding Pro had a Sunday filled with excitement, featuring a category for People with Disabilities.

April 2024 – Plenty of sun and warmth, a crowded beach with families, parents with their children, and many people attending the event. The first day of competitions for the ArcelorMittal Wahine Bodyboarding Pro 2024, the women’s stage of the World Bodyboarding Circuit, on this Sunday (21), stirred up Jacaraípe Beach in Serra, Espírito Santo, with a festive atmosphere and also competition, including the first batteries of the Professional and Master categories and the determination of the winners of the People with Disabilities category.

The championship, in its third edition, will run until next Saturday (27), turning Espírito Santo into the global center of the sport. The edition boasts a record number of 115 entries. There are 75 athletes from seven countries – Brazil, Chile, France, Hawaii, Japan, Peru, and Portugal – some competing in more than one category. Monday’s schedule (22) starts at 8 am and will feature the Junior, Professional, and Master categories.

The highlight of the day was the People with Disabilities category, which held all its batteries on Sunday, determining its champions. The tests moved everyone on the beach, leading to tears. All other athletes on the water’s edge applauded, encouraged, and cheered. Firefighters supported the category.

The Visually Impaired category debuted with great emotion. Renata Basone participated in her first bodyboarding competition and celebrated the title, securing the last wave in a fierce competition with Lorrayne Rodrigues. Thais Gobetti finished third.

“A very good feeling. A competition that I wasn’t expecting and came to participate in. You can’t explain it. It’s a very strong feeling,” celebrated Renata, who lost her husband and mother to Covid – he took care of her. Now, it’s just her and her son, also visually impaired.

Carla Cunha secured the two-time championship among the Amputees, which featured four athletes. Larissa Doelinger also received much applause. Deaf and amputated, she chose to withdraw, but she was a warrior.

“I feel once again overcoming all my limits, my fears. Radiant and grateful to God. Only gratitude is what I feel at this moment,” highlighted Carla.

In the Mastectomized category, also with four athletes, the title went to Tiana Dantas. Mariana Abreu was the runner-up, with Cintya Belli in third and Rangeria Amorim in fourth.

“I am very happy. I haven’t processed so much joy yet. Congratulations to Neymara who insists on organizing, expanding, and including with this category,” remarked Tiana.

Professional and Master – On this Sunday, the eight initial batteries of the Professional and eight of the Master were also held. The first to enter the sea were the Master bodyboarders. The two-time champion of the category in the Circuit, Mariana Nogueira from Rio de Janeiro, finished second. The victory went to Portuguese Catarina Souza, after much competition in search of the best waves. And Catarina secured her second achievement of the day by also winning in the Professional category.

“I was fortunate to catch waves that allowed good maneuvers. And I’m keeping an eye on the girls,” said Mariana, one of the bodyboarding stars of the 90s with three titles.

“ArcelorMittal is a company whose fundamental values are Sustainability, Quality, Leadership, and Safety. For us, respect for people and life is an essential pillar and is part of our daily practice. We also have a strong commitment to female empowerment, and events like this represent this mission well,” said Rodrigo Gama, Director of People Management at ArcelorMittal.

ArcelorMittal Wahine Bodyboarding Pro 2024 Schedule April 22: – from 8 am: Junior, Professional, and Master. April 27 – 2 pm to 4 pm – Awards Ceremony; 7 pm – Closing Cocktail. Note: From the 21st to the 27th, the event will be within the window period, observing the best sea conditions for the competitions, with 5 days of competition and 2 days off during this period.

The Wahine Bodyboarding Pro 2024 is a master sponsorship of ArcelorMittal, the Government of the State of Espírito Santo through the Capixaba Sports Incentive Law, and the Municipality of Serra, with the support of Coroa. Presented by Neymara Carvalho and the IBC Institute.