ArcelorMittal Wahine Bodyboard Pro 2022 – Day 1 – HIGHLIGHTS

ArcelorMittal Wahine Bodyboard Pro 2022 – Day 1 – HIGHLIGHTS

Brazilians dominate first day of ArcelorMittal Wahine Bodyboarding Pro

June 21, 2022 – A day to be marked in the history of world bodyboarding. This Tuesday, June 21, 2022, the first stage of the world championship of the modality for women only began. ArcelorMittal Wahine Bodyboarding Pro is based on Jacaraípe beach, in the city of Serra, on the coast of Espírito Santo, and receives the best athletes in the world until June 25th, the deadline for the end of the stage. The opening of the stage was dominated by Brazilian bodyboarders in the Professional and Master categories.

One of the highlights of this first day was the two-time world champion, Soraia Rocha. The Santa Catarina native has presented a high level in the water and so it was when she advanced in all the heats she played this Tuesday. In the Professional category, she added two victories, guaranteeing her place in Round 4. In the Master category, Soraia won in her debut, qualifying directly for Phase 3.

“Each heat I win is a separate victory. I remember when I was little and I thought, will I be surfing when I’m older? And being here is very exciting. It is a historic moment”, celebrated Soraia Rocha.

Joselane Amorim was also featured on this first day of ArcelorMittal Wahine Bodyboarding Pro. The two-time Brazilian champion passed all the heats of the day and continues to fight for the title of the stage in both categories.

This Tuesday, the heats of Rounds 1, 2 and 3 were played in the Women’s Professional. With the first phases completed, eight athletes advanced to Round 4 and meet with the top-8. Of the eight vacancies in dispute, seven went to the Brazilians. In addition to Joselane and Soraia, Juliana Dourado, Dalete Mousinho, Francis Aoto, Priscilla Medeiros and Luna Hardmann advanced to the fourth stage, in addition to the Chilean Madalena Padrela.

Master Category brings together sports legends

A mix of nostalgia and pride. In this way, the feeling of the public present at Jacaraípe beach, in Serra (ES), to watch the Master category can be explained. The ArcelorMittal Wahine Bodyboarding Pro brought together the legends of women’s sport. Among them the Nogueira sisters. Mariana and Isabela showed in the water that talent and sportsmanship runs strong in the blood. Mariana won her rookie heat and went straight to Round 3.

“I found it exciting to see the girls I competed with in the past again. I came here to honor the championship. Being here with all the girls is what matters most. I would also like to personally thank Neymara Carvalho (bodyboarder and organizer of the event) for everything she has done for our sport”, said Mariana shortly after passing the stage.

At the opening of the Master category, rounds 1 and 2 (repechage) were held and 24 athletes guaranteed a spot for the third phase. This Wednesday (22), the organization informed that the day will be without competitions due to better sea conditions for Thursday onwards.



  • 1.a – Juliana Dourado (BRA) 12,15 x Naara Carolyne (BRA) 9,25 x Xandinha Ereiro (BRA) 9,00 x Belén Salinas (CHI) 3,00
  • 2.a – Tati Meneses (BRA) 7,15 x Maria Alice Fernandes (BRA) x Naiara Stringhini (BRA) 4,40 x Renata Pimentel (BRA) 4,00


  • 1.a – Juliana Dourado (BRA) 12,85 x Paola Simão (BRA) 5,85 x Naim Bustorf (CHI) 5,80 x Bianca Simões (BRA) 5,50
  • 2.a – Francis Aoto (BRA) 12,50 x Priscilla Medeiros (BRA) 8,90 x Maria Alice Fernandes (BRA) 7,50 x Beverlly Lafuente (CHI) 4,40
  • 3. a – Soraia Rocha (BRA) 14,75 x Nicolle Calheiros (BRA) 9,00 x Naara Carolyne (BRA) 6,75 x Joan Figueroa (CHI) 3,50
  • 4.a – Joselane Amorim (BRA) 15,40 x Luna Hardmann (BRA) 11,50 x Isabelli Nunes (BRA) 7,10 x Tati Meneses (BRA) 5,40


  • 1.a – Juliana Dourado (BRA) 9,00 x Priscilla Medeiros (BRA) 8,60 x Soraya Valdevieso (CHI) 6,50 x Gina Araya (CHI) 5,65
  • 2.a – Francis Aoto (BRA) 11,50 x Dalete Mousinho (BRA) 10,50 x Viviana Araya (CHI) 6,65 x Paola Simão (BRA) 6,00
  • 3.a – Soraia Rocha (BRA) 13,75 x Luna Hardmann (BRA) 12,00 x Maylla Venturin (BRA) 11,75 x Suy-Yin Estay (CHI) 8,50 
  • 4.a – Joselane Amorim (BRA) 12,50 x Madalena Padrela (CHI) 11,25 x Nicolle Calheiros (BRA) 10,50 x Begona Martinez (CHI) 8,25


  • 1.a – Paloma Freyggang (CHI) 11,25 x Cris Fontoura (BRA) 10,50 x Andrea Rocha (BRA) 6,50 x Méia Cleto (BRA)
  • 2.a – Catarina Sousa (POR) 11,75 x Elisangela Fragoso (BRA) 10,00 x Carmen Filgueiras (BRA) 7,75 x Naiara Stringhini (BRA) 6,75 
  • 3.a – Claudia Castello (BRA) 13,00 x Isabela Nogueira (BRA) 12,25 x Dadá Oliveira (BRA) 8,25 x Adriana Oliveira (BRA) 7,85
  • 4.a – Mariana Nogueira (BRA) 11,10 x Gabriela Gouveia (BRA) 8,90 x Renata Pimentel (BRA) 6,40 x Clarice Neves (BRA) 2,65 
  • 5.a – Soraia Rocha (BRA) 13,75 x Roberta Milazzo (BRA) 11,75 x Clarissa Barros (BRA) 9,00 x Tereza Suklemik (BRA) 6,80 
  • 6.a – Joselane Amorim (BRA) 13,00 x Naara Carolyne (BRA) 9,25 x Alessandra Lelis (BRA) 6,35 x Flavia Nery (BRA) 575 
  • 7.a – Maylla Venturin (BRA) 10,15 x Ursula Rollas (BRA) 8,65 x Gizlene Oliveira (BRA) 5,55 x Patricia Lima (BRA) 4,10
  • 8.a – Aline Rodrigues (BRA) 12,25 x Francis Aoto (BRA) 10,50 x Lissandra Tutty (BRA) 7,05 x Cintya Belly (BRA) 0,00


  • 1.a – Dadá Oliveira (BRA) 10,50 x Andrea Rocha (BRA) 7,40 x Naiara Stringhini (BRA) 6,15 x Clarice Neves (BRA) 2,90
  • 2.a – Méia Cleto (BRA) 11,50 x Adriana Oliveira (BRA) 10,50 x Carmen Filgueiras (BRA) 7,75 x Renata Pimentel (BRA) 7,25
  • 3.a – Clarissa Barros (BRA) 9,25 x Flavia Nery (BRA) 8,00 x Cintya Belly (BRA) 4,50 x Gizlene Oliveira (BRA) 4,50 
  • 4.a – Lissandra Tutty (BRA) 11,75 x Tereza Suklemik (BRA) 8,75 x  Alessandra Lelis (BRA) 6,25 x Patricia Lima (BRA) 3,00