Sintra Pro 2022
EVENT TYPEMen Women Junior Men Junior Women Dropknee

Sintra Pro 2022

September 5, 2022 to
September 11, 2022
Venue: Praia Grande, Sintra

MEN – 2500pts
WOMEN – 1000pts
JUNIOR MEN – 2000pts
JUNIOR WOMEN – 1500pts
DROPKNEE – 2000pts

SINTRA PRO was born in 1996 with the initiative of the Municipality of Sintra and the Portuguese Surfing Federation. The Bodyboard and Surfing Association of Costa de Sintra is currently the organizer of this event. This event has established itself as the oldest event on the Bodyboard World Tour. 

Bodyboard and Surf Association of the Sintra Coast, a sports institution with 25 years of activity in the Municipality of Sintra. Our philosophy is that all athletes who compete in our event know how to respect and enjoy our environment, motivate them to fully enjoy the sport and all that it takes, the spirit of companionship, progress, competition, in a historic space in Praia Grande , Sintra, World Heritage Site. 


An unparalleled place in the Natural Park of Sintra. Praia Grande, a unique place, located in the Municipality of Sintra, a World Heritage Site, surrounded by historic castles and palaces. As its name implies, it is a wide beach, very frequented by surfers and bodyboarders, constituting a mandatory stop in the championships of these modalities. At the northern end of Praia Grande, there is one of the largest saltwater pools in Europe, about 100 meters long, belonging to the Hotel das Arribas. Place with traces of the presence of dinosaurs that are recorded on the south cliff of the beach, where a deposit of eleven tracks of footprints is perfectly identifiable. Praia Grande, also known as Praia Grande do Rodízio, is one of the beaches in the municipality of Sintra. It is a beach with excellent conditions for wave sports due to its natural geography, it is usually protected from the wind. 

Type of waves

Type: Beach Break
Direction: Left and Right
Background: Sand
Power: Fast, Powerful
Ideal Conditions-Swell: North-Northwest
Wind: E-East
Swell Size: All