ArcelorMittal Wahine Bodyboard Pro 2022
EVENT TYPEWomen Junior Women Women Masters

ArcelorMittal Wahine Bodyboard Pro 2022

June 20, 2022 to
June 26, 2022
Venue: Serra, Espírito Santo, Brazil

WOMEN – 1250pts – $15,000
JUNIOR WOMEN – 1500pts – $5,000

The state of Espírito Santo will receive for the first time a female stage of the Bodyboarding World Tour, the Wahine Bodyboarding Pro which will be held at Praia de Jacaraípe, located in Serra – ES, Brazil.

Wahine Pro 2022

The stage is marked by originality. For the first time in the history of the tour, we will have the participation of the Master category competing in a single stage dispute, where the winner of the stage will receive the title of World Champion 2022.

The stage was named “Wahine”, which means “woman” in the Hawaiian language. The name Wahine connects athletes with experience and the feeling that willpower, persistence and discipline overcome all obstacles on the way to victory. The stylized figure of an indigenous woman was chosen as the central element of the event’s brand. The image also reinforces the presence of women in sport, in a moment of affirmation in the face of inequalities in relation to the male categories, since smaller awards than those of male athletes are frequently seen in several national and international competitions.


  • Aeroporto de Vitória (VIX): 40 min. (23,0 km) de distância até Jacaraípe – Serra/ES.
  • Vitória Airport (VIX): 40 min. (23.0 km) away to Jacaraípe – Serra/ES.


  • Inter Hotel Jacaraípe: (27) 3243-0026
    Av. Nossa Sra. dos Navegantes, nº 570 – Parque Jacaraipe, Serra – ES
  • Jacaraípe Praia Hotel: (27) 3243-1190
    Av. Nossa Sra. dos Navegantes, 603 – Jacaraípe, Serra – ES
  • Pousada dos Jasmins: (27) 99837-9939
    Rua Aracajú, 322 – Jacaraípe, Serra – ES
  • Pousada Pé na Areia: (27) 99527-5876
    Av. Nossa Sra. dos Navegantes, 2771 – Das Laranjeiras, Serra – ES
  • Pousada Rir Sorte: (27) 99582-7615
    Rua Aracajú, 53 – Parque Jacaraipe – Parque Jacaraípe, Serra – ES
  • Pousada Castelo do Mar: (27) 99882-0107
    Rua Hélio Viana, n° 250 – Conj. Jacaraipe, Serra – ES