Anticipating Thrills: World Tour 2024 Promises Unprecedented Action

Anticipating Thrills: World Tour 2024 Promises Unprecedented Action

As we bid farewell to an extraordinary 2023 World Tour, the anticipation for the upcoming year reaches new heights. The 2024 World Tour promises to be even more spectacular, building on the success of its predecessor and introducing exciting new elements that will keep fans on the edge of their seats.

One of the most thrilling announcements is the selection of Morocco’s event to kick off the World Tour in February. The picturesque landscapes and the enthusiastic crowd are set to make this opening a memorable one, creating a fantastic atmosphere for the start of an epic journey.

One of the highlights of the 2024 calendar is the ARCELORMITTAL WAHINE BODYBOARD PRO in April. This event not only hosts the World Title Masters Women division but also continues its remarkable social project in Espiritu Santo, Brazil. Through bodyboarding, the event aims to create a sense of community and provide new opportunities for the youngest generation in the region.

After intense negotiations, we’re delighted to announce the return of Iquique’s event to the tour. The Chilean stop has always been a fan favorite, and its inclusion in the 2024 calendar is sure to add an extra layer of excitement.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Breaking new ground, Brazil will host the first competition in a wave pool in the history of our sport. This landmark event, known as “The Wave Pro in Praia da Grama,” is expected to bring a fresh and dynamic perspective to the competition, showcasing the versatility of the world’s top athletes.

Not to be overshadowed, the Antofagastas Bodyboard Festival is set to shatter records with an impressive $80,000 prize money pool across five different categories. This event has solidified its position as the best in Chile and boasts the highest prize money on the entire World Tour. The Men’s category alone offers a remarkable $35,000 prize, adding an extra layer of intensity to the competition.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, the 2024 World Tour maintains its commitment to tradition and innovation. Classic events such as Itacotiara Pro, Maldive Pro, Sintra Pro, and Gran Canaria Fronton King continue to captivate audiences with their exceptional setups and outstanding media outcomes, contributing to the continued growth and development of the sport.

Adding a fresh perspective, the tour introduces exciting new stops, further diversifying the competition. In September, the tour will make its mark in Peru, offering a unique experience and reaching new audiences.

As the 2024 World Tour takes shape, we can’t help but marvel at the blend of tradition and innovation that defines our sport. From classic events that have stood the test of time to groundbreaking competitions in wave pools, the upcoming year promises to be a celebration of bodyboarding like never before. Stay tuned for updates as we finalize the details, and get ready to witness the evolution of bodyboarding on a global scale.

World Tour 2024 Calendar (Preliminary):

Check the entire calendar, Prize Money and points of the whole 2024 World Tour HERE

    • Dates: February 20th to March 4th 2024
    • Location: Agadir, Marruecos
    • Dates: April 18th to 27th 2024
    • Location: Espírito Santo, Brazil
  • 3 IQUIQUE PRO 2024 (TBC)
    • Dates: MAY 1th to 11th 2024
    • Location: Iquique, Chile
    • Dates: May 13th to 26th 2024
    • Location: Antofagasta, Chile
  • 5 THE WAVE PRO 2024
    • Date: June 1st to 4th 2024
    • Location: Praia da Grama, Brazil
    • Date: June 6th to 15th 2024
    • Location: Itacotiara, Rio de Janeiro,Brazil
  • 7 MALDIVES PRO 2024 (TBC)
    • Date: AUGUST 1st  to 10th 2024
    • Location: Male, Maldivas
  • 8 SINTRA PRO 2024 (TBC)
    • Location: Praia Grande, Sintra, Portugal
    • Dates: September 3rd  to 8th 2024
  • 9 PERU  (TBC)
    • Dates: September 2024
    • Location: Punta Rocas, Punta Negra, Perú.
    • Dates: October 12th to 27th 2024
    • Location: Gáldar, Gran Canaria, Spain

Stay tuned as we finalize the details for an unforgettable year of bodyboarding action in 2024!