Day 1 Highlights/Photos/Press Release Arica Cultura Bodyboard 2023 IBC by Pride Bodyboards

Day 1 Highlights/Photos/Press Release Arica Cultura Bodyboard 2023 IBC by Pride Bodyboards


  • The initial rounds of the 3rd stage of the IBC World Tour commenced after the event held in Antofagasta, where South African Tristan Roberts was crowned champion. The Arica Cultura Bodyboard 2023 is currently underway until June 7th at the Cultural Heritage site of the former Alacrán Island, featuring the renowned and challenging wave known as “Flopos” or “El Gringo”, situated in front of the magnificent “Morro de Arica”.
  • The “national team” consists of 30 competitors representing different regions of the country, and alongside them, the top athletes from around the world are participating, representing diverse locations such as Peru, Venezuela, France, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Portugal, Morocco, Spain, South Africa, the United States, Hawai’i, and Reunion Island.
  • The standout performer of the day was Gabriel Castro from Brazil, while one of the most notable Chileans was Cristóbal Sciaraffia representing Iquique.

Ex Isla Alacrán, Arica, Región de Arica y Parinacota Comunicaciones ACB

The Cultural Heritage site of the former Alacrán Island, featuring the renowned wave known as “El Gringo” or “Flopos” (as referred to by the locals), served as the backdrop this morning as the Arica Cultura Bodyboard 2023 kicked off. The event attracted nearly a hundred participants, drawing a substantial crowd to the beach.

Following the Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival which concluded on Sunday, the 2nd stage of the IBC World Tour, the Arica Cultura Bodyboard 2023 is now underway in the Arica and Parinacota Region. This stage will continue until June 7th, coinciding with the city’s anniversary.

Notable competitors among the 30 registered Chileans in the competition include local standout Moisés Silva (ranked 14th worldwide), Manuel Cepeda from Antofagasta (ranked 10th worldwide), Sacha Damjanic from Antofagasta (ranked 11th worldwide), Matías Díaz from Iquique (ranked 19th worldwide), and Nelson Flores from El Tabo (ranked 23rd worldwide).

“After the stages in Brazil and Antofagasta, we have 6 Chileans in the top 16, which is a remarkable achievement. Chile has solidified its position as a global force in the sport of bodyboarding among the emerging nations. Previously dominated by Hawaiians or Australians, we can now proudly include Chileans in that conversation,” stated Glen Cuevas, CEO of the IBC World Tour.

Iquique’s Cristóbal Sciaraffia was one of the standout Chileans of the day.

The underwater cameraman and entrepreneur from Noria Films, a well-known audiovisual production company in the tourism, mining, and sports industries, stood out as one of the top competitors of the day. Christobal, also known as “Chari”, showcased an impressive performance, earning one of the highest scores in the first round. He proceeded to the next round and engaged in a compelling battle with the young Peruvian Michel Yancce, ultimately securing second place and advancing to the 3rd round.

“Competing in Arica is always an amazing experience as the wave conditions are perfect. I am pleased with my performance and grateful for this personal achievement. It represents redemption for me as I often prioritize working at events and struggle to compete at my best. Balancing both roles, I strive to give my utmost in both arenas. When it’s time to compete, I shift my focus from filming, step out, and give my full attention to the competition,” expressed Cristóbal Sciaraffia.

You can catch the Arica Cultura Bodyboard 2023 live on the IBC World Tour’s YouTube channel. For further information about the ACB, visit their Instagram page @acb_chile or the tour’s official page @ibcworld_tour.

Press Release by Eric schnitzler and Javier Escobari

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Date: May 30 2023, from 8:00Hrs GMT -3

Location:Ex isla Alacrán, Arica,Chile

Wave: ” El Flopos”

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