Day 3 Highlights/Photos/Press Release Arica Cultura Bodyboard 2023 IBC by Pride Bodyboards

Day 3 Highlights/Photos/Press Release Arica Cultura Bodyboard 2023 IBC by Pride Bodyboards


  • Diego Sepúlveda, a native of Arica—who earned a wild card entry into the second stage of the IBC World Tour held at the National Monument of the Former Alacrán Island until June 7th, claimed 2nd place, defeating one of the top competitors on the circuit, Frenchman Pierre Louis Costes.
  • Meanwhile, Cristóbal Sciaraffia from Iquique also stood out on the 4th day of the ACB 2023.

Ex Isla Alacrán, Arica, Región de Arica y Parinacota, Chile. Comunicaciones ACB

With waves reaching heights of around 3 meters, the 4th day of the Arica Cultura Bodyboard 2023 took place today. Just like on Friday, a large crowd gathered to witness the famous wave known as “El Gringo” or “Flopos”—by the locals. Yesterday, it already saw its first accident, although the injuries were minor.

It all began at 8:00 a.m. sharp, starting with the remaining heats from yesterday. The standout moment of the competition was the remarkable performance of Brazilian rider Sergio Machado. He achieved the first perfect score of the championship—a flawless 10—by making an astonishingly deep barrel. This ride led to the elimination of one of the legends of the sport, South African Jared Houston.

Later, at approximately 11:00 a.m., the highly anticipated 5th round kicked off, showcasing the  elite bodyboarding talent already dominating the waves. In the midst of these extraordinary athletes, an imposing Chilean emerged, none other than Diego Sepúlveda coming out of the city of Arica, who gained entry to the competition through a wild card. As a member of the ACB organizing committee, Diego showcased his remarkable skills today, obtaining an impressive 2nd place against none other than the renowned and seasoned competitor, Frenchman Pierre Louis Costes. “It was an honor to surpass Pierre—he is a reference, I see him competing here among the top positions every year, he knows the wave well, so he wasn’t an easy opponent, and that’s why I’m very satisfied with my performance,” said the athlete, originally from Tierras Blancas neighborhood in Arica.

Another Chilean who left his mark at “El Gringo” or “Flopos” was Cristobal Sciaraffia, a member of the ACB communications team. The Iquiqueño, who not only films the tournament from the water but also competes simultaneously, secured 1st place in his heat, surpassing a Spanish competitor, a Brazilian, and Sacha Damjanic from Antofagasta. “I’m thrilled. I found myself in a perfect tube—it was an incredible experience for me because I started from the 1st round and now I’m competing among the best. I dedicate this victory to my mother who is in heaven and to my family in Iquique,” said Chari (nickname).

The world-class bodyboarding stars took to the stage—Sammy Morretino and David Hubbard from Hawai’i, Tanner McDaniel, the aforementioned Diego Sepúlveda from Arica, Lionel Medina from Spain, defending champion Amaury Laverne from Reunion Island, Cristobal Sciaraffia from Iquique, and the previous stage champion in Antofagasta—Tristan Roberts from South Africa. Each of them emerged as key figures, advancing in 1st place in their respective heats. Notably, Tristan Roberts expressed his joy at competing in the ACB 2023 and his determination to secure a victory. “I have never won in Arica. I finished 2nd place last year and came close. This year, I’m giving my best to secure the victory. ‘El Gringo’ is one of the best waves on the world tour, and that’s why I’m very happy to compete here,” Tristan Roberts expressed.

The Arica Cultura Bodyboard 2023 will continue at around 8:00 AM this Saturday with the 6th round. You can watch the live coverage of the 3rd stage of the IBC World Tour on the IBC World Tour YouTube channel, where you can also relive the highlights of the competition. For more information about the ACB, visit their Instagram page @acb_chile or the tour’s page @ibcworld_tour.

Press Release by Eric schnitzler and Javier Escobari


Date: May 30 2023, from 8:00Hrs GMT -3

Location:Ex isla Alacrán, Arica,Chile

Wave: ” El Flopos”

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