Day 4 Highlights/Photos/Press Release “Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival 2023”

Day 4 Highlights/Photos/Press Release “Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival 2023”


The judges of the event awarded the highest score (10 points) upon the maneuver executed by Portuguese contender Ricardo Rosmaninho. Meanwhile, Sebastián Siede from Antofagasta came enticingly close to perfection, securing a score of 9.25.

The fourth day of the Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival (ABF), an exhilarating sports event held at Llacolén Beach, was characterized by a tremendous turnout of spectators, sizeable waves, and flawlessly executed maneuvers.


From 7:15 in the morning, the world’s elite riders took to the water with the aim of securing their spot in the next rounds. The MEN pro division kickstarted the competition, and surprises were quick to follow. The first to receive a roaring applause from the fans was Sebastián Siede from Antofagasta, who pulled off an impressive combination of an in and out barrel and a backflip, earning a well-deserved score of 9.25. “I feel peaceful and confident in the water, with a strong desire to keep flowing and pushing forward in this amazing championship. The competition gets tougher each year because of the outstanding competitors involved.” shared Siede, reflecting on his first-place finish in his heat.

While all eyes were focused on Siede’s performance from Antofagasta, the next standout moment of the day arrived courtesy of Portugal’s representative, Ricardo Rosmaninho. He executed an impeccable ARS (Air Roll Spin) and was awarded a perfect score of 10, the highest rating granted by the judges. With this remarkable maneuver, the European contender solidifies his position as one of the favorites to advance into the final rounds.

“I am thrilled to attain this score as it was an exceptionally challenging wave. The conditions for bodyboarding here in Antofagasta are extraordinary. While I was aware of my strong performance on the wave, I never saw myself getting a perfect 10 score. This marks the first perfect score of my career, leaving me super motivated and filled with happiness,” Rosmaninho elaborated.

The fourth day of the ABF continued with the DROPKNEE and the JUNIOR MEN divisions, both of which perfectly complemented the Antofagasta community. The surroundings of Llacolén Beach were packed with spectators, who wholeheartedly enjoyed and cheered enthusiastically for their favorite riders.

This Monday, the conditions are anticipated to be optimal, and as a result, starting from 7:15 am, the riders will once again plunge into the water in pursuit of securing their respective qualifications for the final rounds.

Family Activities

The ABF is a festive sports extravaganza that consistently strives to merge activities encompassing culture, art, and environmental conservation. This particular Sunday’s event, distinguished by its welcoming ambiance for families, presented an ideal platform for diverse organizations like Fundación Mr. Barber, Ecorayen, and the SOMOS program of Fundación Minera Escondida to spearhead initiatives centered around recycling, agro-educational workshops, mental health awareness, and an array of other engaging activities.


Press Release by Eric schnitzler and Ricardo Jeria

Date: May 21, 2023, from 7:30am GMT -3

Location: Llacolen, Antofagasta,Chile

Wave: ” La Cupula de Poder”

Invita: @inside_bhp