Day 4 Highlights/Photos/Press Release Arica Cultura Bodyboard 2023 IBC by Pride Bodyboards

Day 4 Highlights/Photos/Press Release Arica Cultura Bodyboard 2023 IBC by Pride Bodyboards


  • Five Chileans will take center stage in the upcoming decisive round—set to unfold this Sunday—showcasing the finest and most skilled riders who have mastered the art of taming the fabled wave known as “El Gringo” or locally as “Flopos.” The 3rd leg of the IBC World Tour will continue its exhilarating journey until Wednesday, June 7th, at the National Monument of the former Alacrán Island, where the powerful ocean swells have delivered an extraordinary showcase of the utmost skill and talent in the world of bodyboarding.
  • As part of the cultural festivities of the ACB, a captivating performance took place during the day, led by Arica Siempre Activa, in which local actors brought to life the four historical periods of the former Alacrán Island.

Ex Isla Alacrán, Arica, Región de Arica y Parinacota, Chile.                           Comunicaciones ACB

The power of “El Gringo” or “Flopos”—the internationally acclaimed wave that turns the Arica Cultura Bodyboard 2023 into one of the most highly anticipated stops on the world tour—showcased its strength once again today. The world’s top competitors delivered an outstanding performance, captivating an audience of nearly a thousand people at Isla el Alacrán.

The day started, as usual, at precisely 8:00 a.m., with the firing waves as the athletes entered the elimination rounds—the final ones before the crucial 7th round that determined the 16th round of the Arica Cultura Bodyboard 2023.

Both putting on a display, Rodrigo Silva and Pierre Louis Costes set the tone early on, leaving no doubt that Saturday’s session would be one for the books—a memory etched in the minds of all who witnessed it. However, it was in the final heat of the elimination rounds where Chilean rider Sacha Damjanic found himself teetering on the edge of elimination. With the clock ticking and less than a minute remaining, he courageously executed an amazing maneuver that set the crowd ablaze. Reflecting on the moment, Damjanic shared, “It was an incredibly challenging situation, with only seconds left on the clock and a minimum 7-point score required. Luckily, a solid wave came in and peaked up perfectly—allowing me to get an in-and-out barrel. It was enough to secure 1st place,” recounted the Antofagasta native, his words echoing in the air as he exited the water, triumphant.

Later, around 11:00 a.m., the 16th round commenced with heats featuring 3 athletes each. It was in these heats that the Chilean riders demonstrated their experience and understanding of the wave, securing 5 spots in the 16th round. Arica’s very own Diego Sepúlveda—for the 2nd day in a row—outperformed two-time world champion Pierre Louis Costes, securing 1st place. Following suit was another local rider, Rodrigo Silva, who also qualified in 1st place. Then, an incredible turn of events unfolded: Despite scoring 17.5, Iquique’s Matías Díaz found himself in 2nd place due to the outstanding performance of Hawaiian rider Tanner McDaniel, who scored 18.25 points. Nevertheless, Díaz still advanced to the 16th round. In the final heat, it was an enthralling all-Chilean battle, with Antofagastino Sacha Damjanic and Iquiqueño Juan Fisher emerging as the victors—leaving behind one of the standout performers from previous days, Iquique’s Cristóbal Sciaraffia.

“The conditions were incredible. I seized the opportunity to catch a powerful left that rewarded me with a remarkable score. Just as I was completing the maneuver, I unexpectedly hit bottom—resulting in a torn wetsuit that was left hanging loosely. Fortunately, the vigilant lifeguard on the jet ski had a knife at hand, allowing us to swiftly remove the dangling piece of wetsuit and resume the competition,” recounted Diego Sepúlveda of Arica.

France trails behind Chile 

After the 5 Chilean “flagbearers,” the French follow with 4 competitors advancing to the quarterfinals: Ethan Capdeville, Maxime Castillo, Pierre Louis Costes, and Amaury Laverne. The quarterfinals will be conducted in a man-to-man format and are arranged as follows.

The Arica Cultura Bodyboard 2023 will resume its activities this Sunday, commencing at 8:00 a.m. The 3rd stage of the IBC World Tour can be streamed live on the IBC World Tour YouTube channel, allowing you to revisit the highlights of the event. To acquire further details about the ACB, please visit their Instagram page @acb_chile or the tour’s page @ibcworld_tour.

Press Release by Eric schnitzler and Javier Escobari


Date:June 3 2023, from 8:00Hrs GMT -3

Location:Ex isla Alacrán, Arica,Chile

Wave: ” El Flopos”

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