Day 5 Highlights/Photos/Press Release “Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival 2023”

Day 5 Highlights/Photos/Press Release “Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival 2023”


Joanna Schenker from Portugal, Sari Ohhara from Japan, and Alexandra Rinder from the Canary Islands showcased their talent on the waves, demonstrating impeccable skill and finesse as they took the lead in their respective heats.


The exciting fifth day of the Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival (ABF) showcased the world’s top riders in action. The leaders of the International Bodyboard Corporation’s (IBC) world ranking demonstrated their impressive talent, skill, and experience, securing top positions in their qualifying heats.

Joanna Schenker from Portugal, Sari Ohhara from Japan, Alexandra Rinder from the Canary Islands, and Neymara Carvalho from Brazil brought an awe-inspiring presence to the challenging wave of La Cúpula at Playa Llacolén. They surfed with grace and power, captivating spectators with their extraordinary performances, like radiant beacons of talent.

“I’m very happy to move on to the next round. It was a tough heat with few waves, which added to the pressure. Fortunately, in the final minutes, I caught a great wave and secured first place. This event means a lot to me since I’ve achieved several podium finishes, so I’m eager to keep progressing,” explained Portuguese rider Joanna Schenker.

The pro JUNIOR WOMEN division representatives also captivated the audience, while their respective delegations (comprised of friends, family, and coaches) cheered them on from the beach, offering unwavering support and guidance. Aarya Tabalno from Hawai’i, Hannah Saavedra from Peru, Luana Dourado from Portugal, and Emiliana González from Chile showcased their exceptional skills, earning their spot in the semifinals.

“I’m really happy to have completed the final moves on the wave and made it to this stage. The heat was tough because I was competing against my friend Luna Hardman from Brazil, but that’s how tournaments are, and I hope to keep moving forward. I want to thank the organizers, my family, and the whole Peruvian team for their support,” said Hannah Saavedra from Peru in an interview with the event broadcast.

As always, the competition featured an environmental awareness fair and workshops for families to enjoy. These activities will continue all week, ending with an exciting weekend full of events and surprises.

Tuesday will see the competition kick off once more at 7:15 am, as anticipation builds for the heat draws that will determine the contenders who will stand atop the ABF 2023 podium.


Press Release by Eric schnitzler and Ricardo Jeria

Date: May 22, 2023, from 7:30am GMT -3

Location: Llacolen, Antofagasta,Chile

Wave: ” La Cupula de Poder”

Invita: @inside_bhp