Day 8 Highlights/Photos/Press Release “Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival 2023”

Day 8 Highlights/Photos/Press Release “Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival 2023”


THE ABF 2023

The swell that hit the shores of Antofagasta infused the competition with heightened adrenaline, as the four finalists in the WOMEN division were determined amidst the day, while several Chilean riders continue their journey in the MEN division.

The powerful swell that surged into the region today failed to deter the world’s top riders from plunging into the water, determined to secure their positions in the final  rounds of the Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival (ABF) 2023. As expected, the giant waves, towering up to an impressive five meters, created an ideal setting for contenders to showcase their skills and talent in the ocean.

The eighth day of competition kicked off with the WOMEN quarterfinals, showcasing the remarkable talents of the world’s number one, Brazil’s Isabela Sousa, the legendary Neymara Carvalho, also from Brazil, Japan’s Sari Ohhara, and the promising Chilean athlete, Paloma Freyggang. “The waves were quite big, and it was scary to paddle into them. But once in the water, I knew I had to do my job, and luckily, I caught a couple of good waves and secured a spot in the semifinals,” commented the Chilean athlete as she exited the water. 

In the MEN division, round 6 unfolded, captivating spectators with its 7 thrilling heats. It was the Hawaiian rider, David Hubbard, who stole the limelight, attaining a flawless score of 10 points with an amazing barrel that resounded with thunderous applause from the animated beach crowd. Among the Chilean contenders, Moisés Silva, Sebastián Siede, and Matías Díaz emerged as standout performers, leaving an unforgettable mark on the competition.

Moisés Silva, hailing from the shores of Arica, exuded his excitement at surpassing his own expectations and delivering an excellent performance on the challenging waves of the day. Recognizing the inherent difficulty of the La Cúpula wave, he emphasized “The La Cúpula wave is already renowned for its difficulty, and given the current swell conditions, even a minor mistake can have significant consequences. So, one must stay focused to catch the best wave. I’m eager to keep competing as there should be some epic waves in the coming days.”

On Friday, the MEN division is expected to recommence at 7:15 am, mirroring the conditions experienced on this very day. The organizers extend a warm invitation to families, urging them to enjoy the event in its entirety. Beyond the exciting competition, the audience can partake in several activities such as engaging environmental workshops and enlightening ecological talks. Moreover, the event anticipates the visitation of school groups from Tocopilla and Quillagua, enriching the occasion with youthful energy and enthusiasm.




Press Release by Eric schnitzler and Ricardo Jeria

Date: May 25, 2023, from 7:30am GMT -3

Location: Llacolen, Antofagasta,Chile

Wave: ” La Cupula de Poder”

Invita: @inside_bhp