Final Day Highlights/Photos/Press Release Arica Cultura Bodyboard 2023 IBC by Pride Bodyboards

Final Day Highlights/Photos/Press Release Arica Cultura Bodyboard 2023 IBC by Pride Bodyboards


Making history, the Frenchman achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the first competitor in the 20-year legacy of the Arica Cultura Bodyboard to secure the coveted title—not once, not twice, but three times—lifting the trophy in 2017, 2019, and 2023.

A gathering of nearly a thousand individuals flocked to the National Monument of the Former Alacrán Island—situated against the majestic backdrop of the Arica Headland—to witness the amazing finale.
Matías Díaz, coming from Iquique, stood out as the tournament’s revelation, while Yerko Vásquez, an Arica local, captured the coveted title of the finest photographer of “El Gringo” or “Flopos”—the internationally renowned wave well-known for its perfection and inherent danger.

Ex Isla Alacrán, Arica, Región de Arica y Parinacota, Chile.               Comunicaciones ACB

The 2023 edition of the ACB witnessed a historic finale that will be etched in the records of global bodyboarding. Despite facing two defeats at the hands of local talent Diego Sepúlveda, the French contender, Pierre Louis, demonstrated his remarkable track record—boasting two previous Arica titles. Drawing upon his wealth of experience, he reclaimed the throne and solidified his position atop the leaderboard.

“Being here is a sacrifice—as I have to leave my family behind while I compete. Upon arrival, when I saw the exceptionally high level of competition, I thought I should consider stopping. The thought crossed my mind that if I didn’t win today, I wouldn’t return again. However, this overwhelming feeling of victory is incredibly strong because winning is often a struggle for me in most competitions. To be honest, this sensation truly validates the sacrifices I’ve made,” shared an emotional Pierre Louis.

The three-time Arica Cultura Bodyboard champion not only displayed immense excitement but also extended heartfelt gratitude while sharing the joy of his victory with the enthusiastic Arica crowd. “I want to express my gratitude to Amaury Lavernhe, (the French champion of 2022). For me, the most challenging aspect was not simply winning this event but also surpassing him. It was a daunting task—considering his level, I thought becoming the champion was impossible. The talent exhibited by the new generation, such as Tanner McDaniel, (the Hawaiian securing the 2nd place), or Tristan Roberts, (the South African reigning world champion and winner of the previous stage in Antofagasta), is amazing. I extend my appreciation to everyone present here, and I promise to return next year. And finally… CHI CHI CHI, LE LE LE, VIVA CHILE!” The exuberant Frenchman enthusiastically shouted on the ACB award stage.

This is how the podium turned out:
Pierre Louis Costés (France)
Tanner McDaniel (Hawai’i)
Amaury Lavernhe (Reunion Island) and Maxime Castillo (France) tied 

The Arica Cultura Bodyboard can be revisited via the IBC Bodyboarding World Tour YouTube channel, where you can also explore the highlights of the event. To delve deeper into the ACB, visit their Instagram page @acb_chile or the tour’s page @ibcworld_tour.

Press Release by Eric Schnitzler and Javier Escobari


Date: June 6 2023, from 8:00 Hrs GMT -3

Location:Ex isla Alacrán, Arica,Chile

Wave: ” El Flopos”

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