HIGHLIGHTS DAY#3 ArcelorMittal Wahine Bodyboarding Pro has its first Open and PCD champions

HIGHLIGHTS DAY#3 ArcelorMittal Wahine Bodyboarding Pro has its first Open and PCD champions

ArcelorMittal Wahine Bodyboarding Pro has its first Open and PCD champions

The competition rocked at Jacaraípe beach this Sunday with four divisions and two finals. After a day of rest for the competitors, the ArcelorMittal Wahine Bodyboarding Pro came back with its all this Sunday, April 23rd. In addition to more heats in the WOMEN and the beginning of PRO JUNIOR WOMEN division, the AMATEUR and PCD (PWD-Persons With Disabilities) division finals also took place. Aline Martins (BRA) took the first title; while Cintya Belly (BRA) and Carla Cunha (BRA) won their heats in the second division.

The first win of the day went to Aline Martins (BRA) in the AMATEUR division. Before the decision, six athletes competed in the semifinals and four advanced. After a fierce and emotion-filled competition, Aline took out Alice Teotonio Pereira (POR), Luana Dourado (POR) and Talita Dias (BRA).

One of the highlights of the day was the debut of the competitors in the PRO JUNIOR WOMEN division, who showcased the power of the new generation. Luana Dourado (POR) and Aarya Tabalno (HAW) gained the highest scores in the morning—while Hanna Saavedra (PER), Alice Teotonio Pereira (POR) and Mayra Gonçalves (BRA) competed in another heat to qualify for the next phase. Brazilian Mayra Gonçalves got the best of it and advanced.

The WOMEN division athletes returned to the water early in the morning for eight more heats divided into two rounds. Kirtys Montenegro (BRA), Naara Carolyne (BRA), Dalete Mousinho (BRA) and Teresa Miranda (CNY) advanced well to the next stage. Elizangela Fragoso (BRA), Namika Yamashita (JPN), Mariana Rosa (POR), and Joselani Amorim (BRA) placed second in their heats which allowed them to also move on to the next stage of the competition.

A history-making moment went down in bodyboarding (and possibly all other sports) as the first ever mother / daughter exhibition heat was held. Catarina Sousa / Concha Miranda, Priscilla Medeiros / Nalu Beckmans, Aline Martins / Liz Martins and Naara Caroline / Maria Cecilia all put on a great performance showcasing their mother-daughter love combined with their passion for bodyboarding.

The most emotional part of the day began with the heat of the mastectomized athletes, Cintya Belly (BRA) versus Rangéria Amorim (BRA). After performing great maneuvers with great scores, Cintya won the heat scoring a total of 13 points. Then it was the amputee’s turn. Carla Cunha (BRA), Letícia de Oliveira (BRA), and Rosana Silva (BRA) took to the ocean for a truly memorable moment in bodyboarding history. The heats

were filled with emotions and beautiful moments—demonstrating a huge learning curve for all competitors. Ultimately, Carla Cunha won with a total of 13.25 points.

The ArcelorMittal Wahine Bodyboarding Pro is organized by the Instituto Neymara Carvalho and the IBC World Tour. The event was sponsored by ArcelorMittal (master sponsor), the Government of the State of Espírito Santo through the Capixaba Sports Incentive Law, and the Municipality of Serra, in addition to the support of Grupo Coroa.

Data: 21 a 29 de abril, das 8 às 16h

Local: Praia de Jacaraípe, na Serra

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