ITACOATIARA PRO IBC 2023 HIGHLIGHTS/Press Release and Photos DAY 2

ITACOATIARA PRO IBC 2023 HIGHLIGHTS/Press Release and Photos DAY 2


The second day of the 2023 Itacoatiara Pro—the third stage of the IBC World Tour—witnessed the unexpected elimination of the reigning two-time world champion, South African Tristan Roberts. The sizeable waves at Niteroi beach also caught Chilean Joaquin Soto off guard, resulting in the loss of his board and requiring his rescue by the event’s dedicated jet ski team.

“It seems like the sea has doubled in size, with currents coming from all directions, but thankfully I made it,” evaluated Gabriel Braga—a Bahian rider and one of the six Brazilian athletes who remain among the 24 competitors contending for the championship title—the top-scoring wave of this Tuesday (13) was also achieved by a Brazilian, Zacarias Nunes from Ceará, earning a score of 9.

The weather forecasts indicate a larger swell for this Wednesday (14), ranging between 4 and 5 meters. “Tomorrow, we will carefully evaluate the overall ocean conditions. Despite the participants being highly skilled professionals, their safety is our utmost priority”—cautioned Giuliano Lara, director of the competition and founder of the Itacoatiara Pro—emphasizing the possibility of suspending the contests if deemed necessary.

The event has advanced to round 5, leaving us with only the top 24 athletes competing for the coveted R$ 150,000.00 (one hundred and fifty thousand Brazilian reais) prize offered by the Itacoatiara Pro—the culminating event of the South American leg that commenced in Chile.

After Brazil, the tour will continue its exhilarating  journey, making stops in Maldives, Morocco, France, South Africa, and the Canary Islands—each destination offering its unique allure and excitement.

Those eager to keep up with the Itacoatiara Pro 2023 can tune into the International Bodyboarding Corporation (IBC) YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/@IBCWorldTour. The channel has reached almost 50,000 views during the eventful Tuesday featuring rough seas in Itacoatiara, Niterói.

Press Release: Eric Schnitzler


Date: June 13 2023, from 7:10 Hrs GMT -3

Location: Itacoatiara, Niterói, Brazil

Wave: Itacoatiara