” The Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 2023″ kicks off by reinforcing safety with a pioneering rescue course for the riders on the World Tour.

” The Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 2023″ kicks off by reinforcing safety with a pioneering rescue course for the riders on the World Tour.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, October 12, 2023.

The Frontón King organization, hosting the final IBC Bodyboarding World Tour event in Gáldar from October 12th to the 27th, has decided to start its eleventh edition with a pioneering initiative: a practical and mandatory workshop for all participating on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and rescue, conducted by the Canarian Lifeguard Association, ASOCAN.

The 128 participating athletes attended on Thursday, a practical workshop on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and rescue, to enhance safety in a ‘demanding and dangerous’ wave, as ‘the riders’ intervention in the first two minutes can be vital in case of an accident, since they are the closest in the area.

‘Safety is paramount for us, especially with juniors, and although we have all the necessary professional means – an ambulance, two jet skis always on-site, and two ready lifeguards outside – we wanted to reinforce safety with this workshop that involves the athletes themselves,’ explains Máximo Torres, the event’s sports director.

One of the instructors, lifeguard Álvaro Domínguez, adds, ‘the riders are the ones in the water, the closest to the accident if it occurs, and in the first few minutes until the professionals arrive, their intervention can be vital.’

Amaury Lavernhe, one of the most experienced participants – a two-time world champion and three-time The Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro champion – highlighted the importance of this initiative. ‘In my 17 years of competing worldwide, I have never seen it before; it’s something most don’t know how to do, and indeed, it is very important. You can save a companion’s life with this knowledge,’ he assures. ‘The Frontón always pushes your limits; it is a dangerous wave not only because of its strength but also because of the environment,’ explained the French rider about this powerful tube that many proclaim as the best wave for the practice of this sport, but also the most demanding.

In addition to the workshop, the registration process was completed on Thursday, and the athletes were briefed – both by the organization and the judges – to understand exactly how the competition works. During this briefing, another safety-related novelty was announced: the mandatory use of helmets for junior participants – which the organization can provide if they don’t have their own – also, it was recommended for the Open Division to use it as well.

The Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro is back with maximum excitement, as it will once again crown World Champions in the Men and Pro Junior Men divisions.

For the Open Division, only Tanner McDaniels from Hawaii and Frenchman Pierre Louis Costes are the contenders for the crown. For the American, it would be his first title, while the Frenchman has already won it twice.

For the Pro Junior Division, we have a variety of possibilities of 20 riders, all with different options but the Canarían Jorge Hernández, the defending Junior World Champion and 2023 Ranking Lider, will have to defend his title against toward the Peruvian Maycol Yancce.

The foreign participation will be joined by the most established local riders on the El Frontón wave, such as Jonathan Vega, Dailos Rodríguez, and Aitor Ojeda, among others, and legends such as the Hawaiian Mike Stewart, a 10-time world champion who, at 60 years old, remains very active.

Additional Incentives for the Athletes

Furthermore, in this edition, the Gran Canaria Fronton King offers the riders 3 additional prizes to boost their motivation:

1- The classic Red Bull Banana Challenge , were the most spectacular aerial maneuver of the event will get a USD 1000 in cash at the end of the event.

2- The PRO VITAL Special Prize, which will be granting 500 euros to the best Canarían Rider of the Junior Division. 

3- The JULIAN GONZALEZ Special Prize COURTESY OF GNRTM that will be granting 500 euros to the best Canarían Rider of the Open Division

In this edition of the Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro the IBC World Tour  will innovate in terms of technology with the inclusion of  a live water camera for the streaming feed for the first time in bodyboarding history , daily summaries, and all the information and news that can be followed on its official channels and social networks.

From now, it is a matter of waiting for the best conditions for the competition, which according to Torres, are expected for Saturday or Sunday. In the meantime, the sports director encourages the public to attend and enjoy a privileged location with a many recreational activities where they can enjoy the terrace and live concerts.

On Friday, Extrarradio and Kilombo Improvisado will perform, while Kalima Limón and Aseres will be responsible for setting the rhythm on Saturday for an edition that promises much excitement both in and out of the water.

The 2023 Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro , part to the IBC Bodyboarding World Tour, is organized by Epic Events and promoted by the Cabildo of Gran Canaria through Gran Canaria Tourism office, the Insular Sports Institute, and its brand Isla Europea del Deporte, as well as the Presidency Department with its brand La Isla De Mi Vida and the Gáldar City Council. This event has the collaboration of the brands Corona, Link, Jacio GuestHouse, Camper Canarias, EQ, and Volcano Blood Swimwear.

For more information, you can visit the event official websites www.frontonking.com www.ibcworldtour.com , and real-time updates on the event will be available on their official channels and social media.”