The Visit Maldives Pro 2023 heated up as the competitive heats entered the 3rd day of action at The Varunula Raalhugandu. Amidst surprising results, the 2017 world champion, Iain Campbell, faced an early exit.

In the MEN division, spectators witnessed unexpected outcomes during the 3rd and 4th rounds of heats. The spotlight was firmly fixed on Ian Campbell, a fan-favorite bodyboarder, who suffered an untimely exit in the 4th round after struggling to secure a favorable position since the 3rd round’s 1st heat.

Campbell’s journey through the competition began with a challenging clash against strong contenders: Chile’s Sacha Damjanic, Brazil’s Eder Luciano, and Australia’s Kane Brewer. Notably, Sacha led the pack with a solid score of 12.40, securing a spot in the 5th round. Eder and Kane also secured their positions by clinching 2nd and 3rd places in the heats.

The 4th round presented an even more formidable challenge for Ian Campbell. Paired with former world champion Amaury Lavernhe and the reigning world number one, Tanner McDaniel, Campbell faced an uphill battle. Tanner led the heat with a remarkable score of 13.35, followed by Amaury at 11.50. Unfortunately, Campbell’s performance fell short, finishing last with a score of 6.00.

In other MEN division highlights, the third-round winners continued to showcase their skills in the fourth round, securing their places in the fifth. France’s Clement Lodeho claimed victory in heat two with a commanding score of 15.50, while Brazil’s Uri Valladao emerged victorious in heat three with a score of 12.00.

The competition remained strong as bodyboarders aimed to advance through the 4th round’s repechage heats. A notable upset came in the form of Maldives’ Ali Shaam Rafiu, who narrowly defeated the nine-time world champion Mike Stewart with a score of 11.00, leaving Stewart with 10.65. Chile’s Matias Diaz faced elimination despite a solid performance.

The 4th round saw a range of intense clashes, with notable contenders moving forward. France’s Maxime Castillo and Brazil’s Eder Luciano secured their places in the next round from heat one. Similarly, in heat two, Portugal’s Pedro Bettencourt emerged victorious while France’s Nicolas Capony faced elimination. Heat three witnessed Tanner McDaniel and Amaury Lavernhe successful progression, while two French bodyboarders, Yann Salaun and Ethan Capdeville, advanced from heat four.

In the WOMEN division, the 3rd day of the tournament brought unexpected outcomes. 2017 world champion Joanna Schenker of Portugal was eliminated in a tightly contested heat, facing strong opposition from South Africa’s Pamela Bowren. Japan’s Yuka Nishimura also failed to advance.
The WOMEN division also witnessed the elimination of Brazil’s Clara Pontes and France’s Frances Aoto during the third-round heats, further adding to the day’s surprises.

Saaif Shiyad / Adhadhu Online-


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