The confirmation of the semi-finalists for the WOMEN division of the “Maldives Pro 2023” occurred at the conclusion of day four’s events.

Following the completion of the 4th round and quarter-final heats in the women’s section, the semi-finalists were officially determined. Among them were Sari Ohara from Japan, Maira Vienna from Brazil, Teresa Miranda from the Canary Islands, and Pamela Bowren from South Africa.

Sari Ohara secured her spot in the semi-finals by triumphing over Namika Yamashita from Japan in the quarterfinals. Sari’s impressive heat score was 12.00, while Namika achieved a score of 10.50. Notably, all the quarter-final heats were intensely competitive. Maira Vienna claimed victory in Heat Two with a score of 11.00, while Luiz Marie Grande from Puerto Rico, who faced defeat in the heats, achieved a score of 10.25.

The 3rd heat saw Teresa Miranda emerge as the winner with a lead of 0.60. Teresa’s heat score reached 8.75, while Mariana Rosa from Portugal, who was eliminated in the heats, garnered a score of 8.15.

Teresa Pedrela from Portugal held a commanding lead with a score of 9.60 until the final minute of the fourth heat, which was notably one of the most intense heats. However, Pamela Bowren secured her place in the semi-finals with a single-wave score of 6.50 within the last 30 seconds. Pamela had also advanced to the quarter-finals with a score of 6.75 from a last-minute wave in the fourth-round heats, eliminating Neymara Carvalho from Brazil.

The WOMEN division heats were accompanied by heats in the men’s and junior divisions. The top 16 competitors for the men’s section were determined, and the fifth-round heats concluded on a high note.

Sacha Damjanic from Chile and Jorge Hernandez from Spain emerged victorious in the first heat of the fifth round, resulting in the elimination of Sammy Morretino from Hawaii. The 2nd heat saw Rodrigo Silva from Chile and Maxim Castillo from France progress to the next round, while Australia’s Kane Brewer fell short.

Brazil’s Uri Valadao secured the highest score of the day, 18.00, in the 3rd heat, earning him the top position. Uri also attained the first perfect score of 10.00 in the tournament heats. Amaury Lavernhe claimed 2nd place behind Uri, while Mike Stewart from Hawaii was eliminated.

Tanner McDaniel from Hawaii, the current world No. 1, emerged victorious in heat six with a score of 15.00. Clement Lodeho from France secured 2nd place with a score of 14.40, while Eder Luciano from Brazil, with a score of 11.00, faced elimination.

In the final four heats, the contestants eliminated from the competition included Ali Shaam from Maldives, Amide Solivares from Spain, Yan Salaun from France, and Pedro Bettencourt from Portugal. The fifth heat saw Moises Silva from Chile and Fabian Thazar from France advance to the next round.

The 6th heat witnessed France’s Pierre Luis Costes and Brazil’s Gabriel Braga progressing, while Tristan Roberts from South Africa and Ziggy Cavier from France advanced in the tournament.

The reigning champion from the previous year, David Hubbard, claimed victory in the final heat of the fifth round, followed by France’s Ethan Capdeville.

Regarding the junior division heats, the quarter-finalists have been determined. In heat one, Aamin Umar Moosa from Maldives and Eduardo Macedo from Portugal will compete. Heat two will feature Australia’s Ryan Hill-Smith against Spain’s Jorge, who was the previous year’s junior division winner.

Heat three of the quarter-finals will see Spain’s Alexander Montes facing off against South Africa’s Hugo Naude, while heat six will witness a match between Brazil’s Guillerme Montenegro and Spain’s Gadiel Romano.

– Saaif Shiyad / Adhadhu Online-


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