The anticipation for the Visit Maldives Pro IBC 2023 has reached a heightened state as the event gains momentum after the removal of last year’s leading competitors.

A series of captivating heats held at the picturesque Varunula Raalhugandu, a part of the renowned International Bodyboarding Corporation (IBC) World Tour, has determined the semifinalists in the MEN and JUNIOR divisions, as well as the quarterfinalists in the DROP KNEE division.

Tristan Roberts, Amaury Lavernhe, Moises Silva, Maxime Castillo, and Sacha Damjanic faced elimination in the MEN division, creating an opportunity for Tanner McDaniel, Ethan Capdeville, and Pierre Louis Costes to secure the necessary points for their progression in the rankings.

Jorge delivered a standout performance! He showcased his versatility by securing a place in the semifinals of the JUNIOR division as well. He advanced to the MEN division semifinals by triumphing over France’s Maxime Castillo in the quarterfinals. His determination was evident in the 6th round as he defeated Chile’s Rodrigo Silva.

Tanner McDaniel, the reigning world number one, demonstrated his champion spirit by reaching the semifinals through an intense battle, which included a victory over last year’s finalist, France’s Amaury Lavernhe, and Brazil’s Uri Valladao in the quarterfinals. Tanner’s impressive score of 12.85 against Amaury’s 11.50 showcased his skill, while his contest with Uri finished with a score of 12.25 against Uri’s 11.75.

Former world champion PLC showcased his skill by securing a spot in the semifinals. His standout performance against Fabian Thazar and Brazil’s Gabriel Braga, with a narrow margin of 0.50, propelled him forward. PLC’s score of 13.00 surpassed Gabriel’s 12.50 in the quarterfinal heats. When PLC was asked whom he preferred to face in the semifinals, he replied, “Ethan. Well, it’s a beautiful story because I did my first trip in Hawaii with him; he was one year old. Having a heat on the world tour with him would be fantastic, incredible. I have a photo with him when I was 13 and he was one, so that’d be pretty cool. As for Ziggy, it’s his first world tour event, his first event outside of Reunion Island, and he just knocked out the defending world champ. Wow, that’s impressive. I think both of them had the strongest backflips of the event so far, so whoever is going to be in my heat, I’m going to have to compete hard, as well.”

Ethan Capdeville of France displayed his expertise by defeating Reunion Island’s Ziggy Cavier in a heat that saw Ethan score 15.25 to Ziggy’s 13.30. Ziggy, the greatest underdog eliminated last year’s champion David Hubbard in a sixth-round bout, achieved a score of 14.00 against Hubbard’s 13.50.

In the JUNIOR division, Jorge Hernandez is set to compete against local talent Aamin Umar Moosa in the semifinals. Jorge secured his spot by outperforming Australia’s Ryan Hill-Smith in the quarterfinals. Amin, who was a prominent figure in last year’s JUNIOR division final, overcame Portugal’s Eduardo Macedo with a score of 11.75 to Macedo’s 10.25.

The JUNIOR division final will witness a showdown between South Africa’s Hugo Naude and Brazil’s Guillerme Montenegro. Hugo emerged victorious against Spain’s Alexander Montes, while Guillerme’s triumph over Spain’s Gadiel Ruano propelled him to the final heat.

Amidst this exciting competition, the DROP KNEE division has also captivated spectators. Last year’s finalists, David Hubbard and Amaury Leverhne, have displayed remarkable form. Hubbard’s exceptional score of 16.25 in the 3rd round positioned him at the forefront, closely followed by Hawaii’s Sammy Morentino with a commendable 15.75.

Anticipation is at its peak as the tournament progresses towards its climax. The quarterfinal matchups promise even more excitement, with the subsequent semifinal heats and ultimate showdown set to provide an epic conclusion to an event that has enraptured global fans.

The semifinal and final rounds of the tournament are scheduled for tomorrow, guaranteeing a thrilling conclusion to this esteemed competition.

-Saaif Shiyad / Adhadhu Online


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