The much-anticipated Visit Maldives Pro, a significant event on the International Bodyboarding Corporation (IBC) World Tour, started off today in Male’ city with an impressive array of performances. However, the afternoon session had to be abruptly stopped due to unpredictable and challenging wave surges.

The competition began with great enthusiasm, featuring the JUNIOR division heats, captivating the audience with impressive displays of skill and technique. Today, the 1st round of the JUNIOR division comprised four heats.

In the initial rounds, last year’s world JUNIOR champion, Jorge Hernandez of Spain, delivered a remarkable performance and triumphed in the second heat, securing a spot in the third round with an outstanding score of 14.75. Spain’s Gabriel Mendoza (10.90) and Hawaii’s Kainalu Shim (9.35) couldn’t match his brilliance.

Other heats featured Australia’s Ryan Hill-Smith and South Africa’s Hugo Naude, who displayed their prowess and secured positions in the 3rd round. Meanwhile, local talents Maldives’ Amin Umar Moosa and Mohammad Jareesh are set to face off in the 2nd round, aiming to revive their campaigns after challenging initial heats.

In heat three, Spain’s Alexander Montes and Gadiel Ruano also secured their spots in the 3rd round through a captivating victory. In the upcoming 2nd-round face-off, Maldives’ Mohamed Shibth and Morocco’s Saleh Belhaj are poised to clash.

Maldives’ Eyan Ahmed and Brazil’s Guilherme Montenegro emerged victorious in heat four, ensuring their progression to the 3rd round. Meanwhile, Portugal’s Eduardo Macedo and Maldives’ Mohamed Azaan showcased their talents despite finishing 3rd and 4th.

In the WOMEN division, the initial round witnessed fierce competition, with the top two contestants from each heat advancing to the 2nd round. Brazil’s Luna Hardman and Puerto Rico’s Marie Grande triumphed in the 1st heat, while France’s Emeline Loiseau faced elimination.

Heat two saw South Africa’s Pamela Bowren and Japan’s Yuka Nishimura securing their positions in the 2nd round, leaving Brazil’s Maylla Venturin behind.

In the 3rd heat, Portugal’s Mariana Rosa and Japan’s Namika Yamashita showcased their skills, ensuring a place in the 2nd round. Unfortunately, Kyira Shirahase did not progress further.

Photos by Pablo Jimenez and Jesus De Leon

The DROP KNEE division witnessed four intense first-round heats, with reigning champion David Hubbard displaying his skill. Dub emerged victorious in a competitive showdown with renowned bodyboarder Iian Campbell and France’s Olivier Marimoutou, earning an impressive score of 15.00.
Further excitement brewed in the drop knee division as France’s Amaury Leverhne delivered a notable performance, securing a score of 12.00. Hawaii’s Sammy Moriento in Heat 3 and France’s Ziggy Cavier also showcased their talents, contributing to an epic spectacle.
Shifting focus to the MEN division, a single heat was completed today, where Australia’s Kane Brewer and France’s Clement Claude competed alongside France’s Olivier, who secured 3rd place.

The competition was halted after the first heat in the MEN division due to the rising swell, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the ocean conditions.