Wind, waves and wine.

Wind, waves and wine.

The Cape of Storms lived up to her name on the first day of the Walker Bay Pro. With the NRSI (National Sea Rescue Institute) closing all beaches due to the 10 meter swell (at a crazy 20 second period) that was pummeling the coastline, the call was made in the interest of rider safety to have another lay day while we wait for the ocean to calm down.

The Walker Bay Pro treated all the ladies of the IBC to a wine down at the famous Newton Johnson winery high up in the Hemel-en-Aarde mountains behind Hermanus. A warm cozy atmosphere greeted the contestants as they were introduced to South African Sauvignon Blancs, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. 

Ironically the association of bodyboarding and Newton Johnson Wines runs deeper than just floral notes on the nose in the glass. Eizaan Newton Johnson (Metlacamf) who sadly lost the battle to breast cancer a few years ago, was the original powerhouse of women’s bodyboarding in South Africa. She was the first lady to earn her Springbok colors and she was the first to represent South Africa in Hawai at the Pipe Masters back in the 90’s. She was fearless in her approach to wave riding and took on the big stuff with as much enthusiasm as she would playing around in small shorebreaks.

The Walker Bay Pro would like to thank Newton Johnson Winery for hosting an amazing wine tasting experience and we now look forward to the rest of the week where we should see the ocean calm down to the point we can get the first heat in the water.

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