Announcement of Confirmed Pre-registrations and Check-in Details for the Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2024

Announcement of Confirmed Pre-registrations and Check-in Details for the Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2024

We are delighted to announce that the list of confirmed pre-registrations for the Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2024 is now officially available. After a thorough review and confirmation process, we have identified the athletes who have successfully completed the pre-registration form and made the corresponding payment.

We want to extend our appreciation to all participants who have secured their spots in the Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2024. Your dedication to the sport is truly commendable, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing your talent at our third event on the World Tour circuit.

While many athletes have already secured their places, we want to emphasize that there are still openings available in all divisions of the Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2024. Despite our efforts to reach out to all athletes who had not completed the pre-registration process, unfortunately, some did not respond or complete the procedure.


  1. Yon Aimar
  2. Fabien Thazar
  3. Tiago Barraza
  4. Rodrigo Silva
  5. Ronald Gomez
  6. Joey Gregory
  7. Yony Aguirre Berrocal
  8. Matias Diaz
  9. Castillo Maxime
  10. Armide Soliveres Acuyo
  11. Shaden Ahn
  12. Eder Luciano
  13. Lionel Medina Rodriguez
  14. Moisés Silva
  15. David Valladares
  16. Benjy Oliver
  17. Alan Espinoza
  18. Bruno Ross
  19. Cristopher Bayona Angulo
  20. Kellen Yamasaki
  21. Kawika Rohr-kamai
  22. Emiliano Nieves
  23. Sacha Damjanic
  24. Josh De Legh
  25. Gabriel Braga
  26. Uri Valadao
  27. David Pérez Miranda
  28. Kai De Legh
  29. Fabio Saavedra
  30. Roberto Rodriguez
  31. Jerry Pastrana
  32. Carlos Cruz
  33. Maikol Pascal
  34. Yazdany Castro
  35. Eduardo Carpinello
  36. Cristian Tapia
  37. Marcelo Faundes
  38. Alexandre Milazzo
  39. Thiago Barros Thiaguinho
  40. Gabriel Brantes
  41. Victor Lopez Lagos
  42. Carlos Gastos
  43. Harold Zapata
  44. Miguel Antonio Gálvez Candia
  45. Hermano Castro
  46. Isaac Caballero
  47. Ignacio Ortiz
  48. David Barbosa
  49. Ossman Caracciolo
  50. Lodeho Clément
  51. Micheel Yancce
  52. Tristan Roberts
  53. Genesio Ludovisi
  54. Juan Fischer
  55. Agustín Antonio Figueroa Rojas
  56. Cavier Ziggy
  57. Lucas Viana Rosa
  58. Joel Rodrigues
  59. Joaquin Soto
  60. Leo Espinoza
  61. Miguel Rodriguez
  62. Omar Rios
  63. Brahim Iddouch
  64. Eduardo Barros
  65. Thomas Morris
  66. Salaun Yann
  67. André Luis
  68. Amaury Lavernhe
  69. Capdeville Ethan
  70. David Hubbard
  71. Patricio Galay
  72. Gustavo Neira


  1. Paz Collao
  2. Teresa Padrela
  3. Soraya Valdivieso
  4. Carol Alvarez Alegría
  5. Daniella Caqueo
  6. Anais Velis
  7. Veronica Correa
  8. Francis Aoto
  9. Hannah Saavedra
  10. Emiliana Gonzalez
  11. Suy Yin Estay
  12. Viviana Araya
  13. Alexandra Rinder
  14. Clara Pontes
  15. Joan Figueroa
  16. María José Pulgar Leyton
  17. Dulce Aguero
  18. Paloma Freyggang
  19. Joana Schenker
  20. Yuka Nishimura
  21. Kaira Shirahase
  22. Namika Yamashita
  23. Valentina Diaz
  24. Bianca Simões
  25. Nicolle Calheiros
  26. Ebony Schell
  27. Constanza Soto
  28. Pamela Bowren
  29. Luna Hardman


  1. Lucas Herrera
  2. Shaden Ahn
  3. Máximo Palacio
  4. Matias Javier Caycho Moreno
  5. Owen Cueva
  6. Luan Azeredo Barcellos Luan Barcellos
  7. Javier Ross
  8. Misael Cezario De Jesus De Jesus
  9. Eros Diaz
  10. Gabriel Costa
  11. Tomas Caro
  12. Guilherme Montenegro Campello
  13. Estében Godoy
  14. Jesus Smith Mendoza Lujan
  15. Max Phillipe Wittmann Gallardo
  16. Dario Becerra
  17. Hannibal Valdivieso
  18. Bastian Venegas Ardiles
  19. Eduardo Macedo
  20. Alexander Montes Laitinen
  21. Matias Caceres
  22. Claudio Matta
  23. Micheel Yancce
  24. Rodrigo Ruiz
  25. Martin Fischer
  26. Pablo Godoy
  27. Vicente Chipoco
  28. Dia Polo
  29. Ismael Nazir
  30. Cristóbal Dávila Arriaran
  31. Agustín Diaz
  32. Sebastian Joshua Jorquera Aránguiz
  33. Gaspar Lopez
  34. Patricio López
  35. Agustin Castillo
  36. Mikelle Arriagada
  37. Walter Baali
  38. Jai Taylor
  39. Analu Yockman
  40. Luis Esteban Bravo
  41. Lionel Quispe
  42. Jorge Huerta
  43. Omar Espinoza
  44. Felipe Ilaja

For those who have yet to secure their participation, we remind you that the pre-registration form remains open on our official website. We encourage you to complete the process promptly to ensure your place in this prestigious event.

You can access the pre-registration form through the following link: Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2024 Pre-registration Form

Additionally, we would like to provide important information regarding the check-in process for all registered athletes. Check-in is a mandatory step that ensures a smooth and successful experience at our events. Therefore, all competitors are required to be present at the designated location and time to finalize registrations and participate in the technical and safety briefings.

Date and Time of Check-in:

  • Date: April 30, 2024
  • Time: 10:00 AM

Check-in will take place at the event facilities, where our team will be ready to assist all participants.

It is crucial that all athletes arrive promptly at the designated location and time. During check-in, registration processes will be completed, final event details will be provided, and technical and safety briefings will be conducted. The attendance of all athletes is mandatory to ensure the safety and smooth running of the competition.

We sincerely appreciate the continued support of our community and eagerly anticipate your participation in the Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2024.