Day 7 Highlights of the 2024 Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival

Day 7 Highlights of the 2024 Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival

Day 7Highlights video 2024 ABF

Antofagasta, Chile

The 2024 Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival (ABF) at Llacolén Beach continues to showcase top global athletes, with the competition running until Sunday, May 26.

Highlights include Manuel Cepeda and Renato Arellano reaching the top 12 in the Dropknee category, while Moisés Silva advances to the Open Men’s quarterfinals. In the Open Women’s division, Paloma Freyggang is among the top 12. Junior Men athletes are also making significant strides.

Francis Aoto spining on the pocket at La cupula.

Sergio Machado delivered a perfect wave, scoring 19 points, despite later elimination. Notably, world number one Tristan Roberts was upset by Pierre Louis Costes.

The Junior Women’s champion will be decided between Luna Hardman and Luana Dourado.

Gabriel Braga on an incrediable Backflip

The event, organized by Club Budeo and sponsored by Escondida | BHP and SQM Yodo Nutrición Vegetal, will also feature the International Fair for Entrepreneurship, Tourism, and Social Innovation (FETURIS) starting Thursday, May 23. The fair aims to promote local products and includes workshops, sports demonstrations, and live music from local and national artists.1

From stunning airs to surprising upsets, Day 7 was packed with unforgettable moments. Don’t miss out on all the excitement and expert commentary capturing the essence of this prestigious event. Watch now and stay tuned for more highlights.

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