World Bodyboarding Championship Moves Toward Finals at Llacolén Beach

World Bodyboarding Championship Moves Toward Finals at Llacolén Beach

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Antofagasta, Chile

Brazilian Luna Hardman dominated the day by winning the Junior World Championship and advancing to the Women’s semifinals.

On Friday, Luna Hardman showcased her skills at the Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival (ABF) 2024. Despite an early injury, she advanced in the Junior Women’s category, defeating Paloma Freyggang. Hardman then secured the Junior World Champion title by overcoming Portuguese competitor Luana Dourado.

In an emotional turn, Hardman defeated her mother, bodyboarding legend Neymara Carvalho, in the Women’s category to reach the semifinals, where she will face Japan’s Yuka Nishimura. Reflecting on her achievements, Hardman expressed gratitude and joy for the support received.

Dave Hubbard
Amaury Lavernhe
Fabien Thazar
Dave Hubbard
Sammy Moretino
Sammy Moretino

Other categories also saw intense competition. In DropKnee (DK), the semifinalists include Fabien Thazar and Amaury Laverne from France, and Hawaiians Sammy Morretino and David Hubbard. In the Men’s category, semifinalists will be determined in matches between Brazil’s Socrates Santana and France’s Pierre Louis Costes, and Brazil’s Gabriel Braga and Moisés Silva.

The weekend at Llacolén Beach will feature the ABF finals, with Escondida | BHP and SQM Yodo Nutrición Vegetal as main sponsors. Additionally, the event will host the Entrepreneurship and Tourism Fair (FETURIS), with performances by regional bands, Zaturno Espacial, and rapper Chystemc.

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