World’s Best Bodyboarders Start their Campaign at the 2024 Itacoatiara Pro

World’s Best Bodyboarders Start their Campaign at the 2024 Itacoatiara Pro

World’s Best Bodyboarders Arrive in Itacoatiara, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the twelfth edition of the Itacoatiara Pro

The world’s top bodyboarders have descended upon Itacoatiara, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the Itacoatiara Pro 2024, marking the fifth event of the 2024 IBC World Tour (International Bodyboard Corporation) season.

The waiting period for the event begins today, June 1st, and extends until June 10th. The technical staff faced an easy decision in calling the competition ON for the first day of the window, as clean conditions and a solid 4 to 5-foot swell greeted competitors early this morning, setting the stage for a pristine day of action.

The Itacoatiara Pro features exclusively the Men’s Division, with 58 riders registered. The competition kicked-off with the sounding of the horn, signaling the start of the first and second rounds. The primary goal for the competitors was to secure a place in the main round, the non-elimination round (round 3), where the seeded riders will make their debut.

The opening heat of the day showcased a diverse international mix, featuring riders from Brazil, Morocco, and France. Spectators were treated to an exciting display of varied bodyboarding styles and techniques. One of the standout moments occurred during this exact  heat, when Brazilian and 2021 Junior Men World Runner-Up Gabriel Castro scored an impressive 8.75. Castro’s exceptional ride on a perfect left-hander, culminating in a textbook barrel, set a high standard for the heats to follow. Notably, Gabriel was riding a bat tail, an uncommon choice, particularly in hollow conditions.

The competition continued with strong performances, as five more scores exceeded the 7-point range among Brazilian riders in the first round. Notable rides included Zacarias Nunes with an 8.0, Luis Henrique with a 7.75, Carlos Bastos with a 7.50, and both Thiago Barros and Raul José scoring 7.0 each. Despite the impressive performances, it was in the second heat of the second round that we witnessed the best single and total scores of the day. Frenchman Clement Lodeho achieved a remarkable 9.00 and 7.50, totaling 16.50. 

After his heat, a delighted Clement expressed his satisfaction: “This place is perfect for bodyboarding. It’s my first time here, and I’m thrilled with this win, especially with the 9 for the big backflip.” Clement now advances to the non-elimination round, where he will face his fellow countrymen Maxime Castillo, Pierre Louis Costes, and Yann Salaun in an all-French heat.

In the second round, both Rodrigo Silva and Brazilian Raul José delivered solid performances in their respective heats. Rodrigo finished with a total score of 14.50 points, while Raul achieved a total of 15.00 points, despite the onshore breeze that began to affect Itacoatiara Beach during the later hours of the competition.

However, the second round also saw some unexpected early exits, including Gabriel Castro and local favorite Thiago Jatobá, who finished in 41st place. Additionally, IBC Wildcard entrant Cristian Tapia and Brazilian Eder Luciano ended their runs in 33rd place.

By the end of the day, the first and second rounds of competition were completed. Looking ahead, the third round will feature the IBC World Tour Seeded Riders, with prominent names such as Amaury Lavernhe, Pierre Louis Costes, Tristan Roberts, and Uri Valadão eagerly awaiting their turn to compete at the renowned Itacoatiara beachbreak.

The next call for the competition will be on Wednesday, June 5th, as a new swell is expected to arrive, promising excellent conditions for rounds 3 and 4. Stay tuned to the IBC World Tour website and social media channels for all the latest updates.