Thrilling Highlights Unveiled: Day 5 at the Taghazout Bay World Bodyboard Championship, Morocco

Thrilling Highlights Unveiled: Day 5 at the Taghazout Bay World Bodyboard Championship, Morocco

Taghazout, Morocco – 25 February ,

The 2024 Taghazout Bay World Bodyboard Championship embarked on its fifth day with an exhilarating change of scenery, relocating from Anza Beach to Anchor Point to capitalize on optimal conditions presented by a significant swell.

Amidst a palpable buzz at the check-in, offshore winds greeted participants and spectators, setting the stage for a day of intense competition with promising wave sets. Commencing at 9:00 am, the non-eliminatory round of the Men’s division commenced, showcasing the prowess of global bodyboarding talent. However, an hour into the competition, a shift in wind direction from the south (onshore) prompted a strategic pivot to sustain optimal wave quality.

Undeterred by the challenging elements, the event proceeded with Women’s quarter-finals and the repechage round of the Men’s division, ensuring continuity and fairness in the face of evolving conditions.

Despite the formidable swell and onshore gusts, standout performances were witnessed across divisions. Mayra Viana, Sari Ohara, and Luna Hardman demonstrated exceptional skill, securing coveted spots in the Women’s division finals: Mayra Viana will face off against Sari Ohara, while Luna Hardman competes against Pamela Bowren in the ultimate showdown.

In the Men’s division, a riveting display of talent unfolded, with athletes from diverse nations showcasing their prowess. Notable performances elevated Amaury Lavernhe (ESP), Brahim Iddouch (MOR), Armide Soliveres (ESP), and Ghrib Abdelhafeid (MOR) to the forefront, solidifying their positions for the next round amidst fierce competition.

As the championship progresses, anticipation builds for further displays of skill and determination from the world’s elite bodyboarders.

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